hair thinning from prednisone, who has had benefit with taking biotin,and folic acid,

yes, hair started to thin out about 2 months ago, noticed when went from 20 to 17.5 pred, have been on since oct 2016, started at 40, spoke to pharmacist yesterday, re folic acid and biotin, she wasn,t too positive about the products i have to say, although i did see one person on this forum that said she had good results, are there any more testimonials out there for these 2 products being successful in either not losing any more hair, or regrowth,know everyone is different, may be different results,

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  • Hi, no advice really but I also started at 40 mg Pred daily back in May 2015 ( bit high for only PMR I now realise) though reduced very(perhaps too) quickly. I did experience thinning hair several months in or rather lots of hair falling out when I washed it, brushed it or even shook my head. Luckily had plenty to begin with but it was worrying. Fortunately it seemed to stop falling out as suddenly as it started though I have no idea why, I did have it cut shorter but didn't get around to taking any supplements or special shampoo. Now it's as thick as before the PMR started though a bit drier and curly!

    I know PMR pro and Dorset Lady say it's the illness that causes the hair thinning rather than the pred which makes sense. I think a decent diet must help but just wanted to let you know I did experience hair loss but it did soon sort it's self out so hopefully it will for you too.

    All good wishes x

  • I added Biotin when I started losing hair about 1-1/2 years ago; hair came back after a couple of months (I cut it super short!). Don't know about the Folic Acid, but would be careful adding "random" vitamins without checking with someone who would know. Most PMR side-effects seem to resolve on their own...just about the time some other symptoms appear!

  • yes Klah, i took Biotin for a couple of weeks, then realized was suppose to let dissolve under tongue before swallowing, so i haven,t taken for while, it also said, not to take for more than a month, so you believe the Biotin helped your hair come back thicker then ?

  • My hair came back as before...thick. I guess if your hair is thin the hair loss is more noticeable. Hang in thete😃

  • no my hair has always been thick, and the thinning is just concentrated in couple places, no one has really noticed except myself and hairdresser, but does bother me

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