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Alternative therapy the ongoing story

Just realized it's been three months since I updated. I had hoped to phase out the low intensity light therapy (refer to earlier posts on my profile for details) but it seems that if more than two weeks go by I do start to feel a return of PMR symptoms, so I'm in a bit of a holding pattern with that. Have got pred down to mostly 2 mg but every few days feel the need to have slightly more, usually 2.5. Had hoped to have results for follow up Vitamin D test, but despite having drawn the blood the lab refused to do the test as only nine months had gone by since last time - has to be a year! Had a very high reading last May so I am concerned. Have I driven it down too low by discontinuing all D supplements except what comes with the calcium, or maybe that's still too much and it's still high? On the plus side, as I posted earlier, my second DXA scan showed an improved t-score: -2 has improved to -1.6 without medication and no longer any recommendations for the meds.

Hope you are all doing well and those of us in the Northern hemisphere enjoying the return of the light and, someday, return of warmth! 🌝

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