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unanswered questions since being diagnosed with pmr

hello everyone, well, i,m sure you have seen my comments re history of likely pmr diagnosis since oct 2016, not confirmed , but given pred, high dose to start back then, anyway,i ask my gp, what caused blood in urine, which showed up back in sept 2016 and oct, not there now after physical, answer, " it happens, dont, really know why ", and been on diovan for years to control bp, since was always 130/80, now, on pred, readings are 120/60, ask why, answer " that,s a good reading" , anyone have any comments on this

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If there is any inflammation in blood vessels it can narrow them - and that is one cause of higher BP readings, not that 130/80 is particularly high. In that case, taking pred will remove the inflammation, the diameter of the blood vessels goes back to normal and the BP falls again.

Generally doctors believe that pred causes raised BP - not always.


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