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On being an idiot


So we've been buried under snow this week, two storms with a day in between. Which of course results in much shovelling for homeowners, and I've certainly done my bit. Keeping very warm afterwards really helped and I seemed to be all right. A bit concerned this morning after getting my hair cut as I struggled out of the chair. The hairdresser even commented on my apparent difficulty. Then I got home and discovered my two little white pills still sitting in the medicine cup all ready to take. Four hours earlier. Does this give me permission to goof off for the rest of the day? (It's only midday here.)

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Think we'll have to have a PMRGCA forum committee meeting about this! ;-)


I'll bypass Mark's committee meeting - and take an executive decision: I think so...

OK Heron NS, so the PMR 'Boss' says Goof to your heart's content today - but DON'T DO IT AGAIN! :-D


Definetly take the rest of the day off! 🌨 ⛄️ ❄️

I did it recently & only discovered what I'd done the following day! But l kept saying to my darling husband all afternoon, "l don't feel well, l feel really strange!"

l keep my Pred in a Daily Med Box & only when l went to take it the next morning 😱 did l discover what I'd done! I was awake from 5am feeling really 'unwell' so planned to take it a bit earlier!

It happens to us the best of us!

Stay in & keep warm x

markbenjamin57 in reply to Hidden

Oh, not another one! :-/ (only joking..) ;-)

Hidden in reply to markbenjamin57

We'll have to have T-Shirts! 😂

markbenjamin57 in reply to Hidden

MrsNails, I think you've started something here...

Any suggestions for suitable PMRGCA T-shirt slogans?!



(if you dare....!)


"Ask me if I've had my meds today"

Yes, it does. You poor gyus are buried in snow right now and here in BC it's thawing and the birds behave like spring is around the corner. No Red Robin yet, though.

Take it easy today...

HeronNS in reply to Akino

My brother in law and wife moved to BC a couple of years ago. Earlier in the winter they were saying God had picked up the map of Canada and dropped it down back to front. We did expect winter but not all at once in the space of four days! I lived in Victoria for a couple years. I still remember how wonderful spring was. If I had my druthers I'd live in BC for spring, NS for fall, possibly New Zealand for winter (December to March). Not sure about summer. Maybe Hawaii. :D

Akino in reply to HeronNS

I'm going with you!

DorsetLadyPMRGCAuk volunteer


Welcome to the club - Idiots - that is!

Course once you've been accepted into it, you can't be expected to act sensibly ever again! That's totally against the rules of the club.

Enjoy your afternoon, you deserve it!

To quote the late Groucho Marx: "I'd never want to be in any club that would accept me as a member of it.." :-D

Oh I've been an idiot too!!! I bet so many of us have!! :)

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