Hi just wanted to say again thank you to PRMpro as all the info you give me was correct I spoke to the nos team this morning and they just confirmed everything you had already told me re Alendronic . you would think the Docs would know all this, and the osteo numbers you mentioned are correct too the only difference was the time scale they said possibly 5 years but the WHO are reviewing that and it may come down to 3 years on Alendronic as the build up of old bone gets brittle due to to long on the pill. so once again many thanks what would we do without this forum my god i dread to think,. Anne

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  • I'd heard about the reduction to under 5 years - but can't find a link for it! If only doctors read as much as I do...

  • The nurse I spoke to this morning said it all on the website I have not had a look yet but will get round to it soon ,

  • I'm going to have to talk to my Oncologist re this, as I'm now on Zolendronic Acid Infusion to try & prevent the breast cancer cells reoccurring in the bone. I was already on AA prescribed alongside the Prednisolone for my PMR & took it as my Mum had Osteoporosis & I have/?had Oestopenia, due a repeat Scan in April!

    Talk about a Rock n a Hard Place!

  • 💐🌹

  • I went to our area drop in/emergency clinic yesterday and the good news is that as hoped the resident GP gave me an extremely thorough going over by contrast with my gp the previous week who cursorily glanced at my back and suggested nothing. The walk-in GP concluded confidently that horrendous muscle spasms of the night above waist to the right of spine were down to my scoliosis and kephosisand (not primarily Parkinsons which I have or any other kneejerk dx. She gave me scrip for 12 diazepam which muscle relaxant I had been hoping for which I may have to save for my holiday In China at tne end of March. The bad news is that despite my being only "on the cusp" of osteopenia (rheumy) she was aghast at my discontinuance of ibandronic acid (prev.Alendronic)after 4 years on the bisphonates. I did not bother acquainting her with the widely available (correction: come across more than once by this particular layman not least somewhere on the NICE site) revised thinking on this subject. I await her letter tom y GP with interest.

  • Try and find a physiotherapist or sports massage specialist who can work on the spasmed back muscles. Muscle relaxant tablets did sweet nothing for me - except relax all the other muscles I didn't need relaxed! Manual mobilisation of the hard muscles worked infinitely better.

    However - I'd let her remain aghast at you stopping the AA etc!

  • Glad you have something for your back to try & relax it! 🍀

    Enjoy your trip to China, we're off to the Far East on a Cruise in March/April 🚢

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