turmeric capsule for inflammation

just some information re turmeric capsules, i was excited to try these for some ongoing pain in shoulders, with pmr, as told by my own brother he takes turmeric in orange juice when he is having pain in knees or shoulders, his his arthritis, but on checking with pharmacist, was told, turmeric capsules, and prednisone interact, taking that dosage, a 500 mg tablet, along with your prednisone was not good, it would not allow the prednisone to leave your body ?? seems we get so many contradicting stories about everything these days, and my dr said, he had never even heard of turmeric, which i find rather odd,

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  • There does seem to be some evidence that turmeric in capsules can cause problems. However, it is said that using turmeric in cooking is probably not of concern.

    But if the turmeric is stopping pred being excreted from the body - surely all that means is that you should be able to reduce to a lower ongoing dose more easily. Which is exactly what we want to do in PMR and GCA. It might be a different matter in shorter courses of high dose pred where that might also increase the side effects. Since the idea in PMR is to reduce to the lowest dose that manages the symptoms, the effect of turmeric potentiating the effect by increasing the amount in the body will be balanced out by being able to use a significantly lower dose.

  • Termeric can interfere with drugs we take to reduce stomach acid. This is what I am reading with drug interactions to Ranitidine which I take.

  • There is a lot of controversy over this spice. You may like to have a look at an ardent proponent's Web site - see link below. Dr Greger bases his conclusions on trials, which tend to show it's very effective for inflammation. Unfortunately it's contraindicated for people with kidney and gallstones.


  • Oh Lordy - so much conflicting information! I wanted to try the golden paste made with turmeric because of a recent flare resulting in my having to go back up to 15 mg of Prednisolone. Now Gawd knows. I don't take any drugs for stomach acid as have no problem on that score so maybe I will be OK to take it.

  • Hi I tried the golden paste for weeks it made no difference. with regards to not taking anything for your stomach it is usual procedure as far as I know to take something to counteract the effects of prednisolone on the stomach. Maybe mention to your GP. Sorry to add more info!!

  • Thanks, Alex. My rheumy, Dr Hughes, said no need for stomach buffers as I have had no problem with my stomach. If I do then I have to let him know but have had no problem so far.

  • Ask him what he thinks about turmeric and golden paste. Celtic used turmeric and she is with him - I don't know if they ever discussed it though.

  • Thanks, PMRpro - I will ask him.

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