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Useful Link to keep a check on your hearing

Hello, I thought I would share this link as I have had some hearing issues after being diagnosed with PMR and I wish I had taken this hearing test at the onset so I could keep a track of it. Hope you find it useful, I use it as a differential test (didn't bother to calibrate it) always using the same pc headset and pc settings then I can compare if my hearing has stayed the same over time. hearingtest.online/

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There was recently a survey undertaken of patients with hearing/balance issues with PMR/GCA - it is now closed. But it may be worth mentioning it to your rheumy - ear problems can be part of PMR and are found in a fair number of GCA patients. All the same cause: reduced blood flow due to inflammation.


This extract was posted on the thread 'Your Ears'

We wish to say THANK YOU to all who responded and took

the time to fll in the survey.

The results have been processed and we have just heard

that an application has been submitted to the BSR for the

following in the category:

Prizes and Awards

Young Investigator Award and BHPR Student/ Recently

Qualifed Health Professional Bursary.

The BSR Conference will take place in April at the ICC Birmingham.

PMR&GCAuk North East Support Charity Reg No 1138409

we have already provided £1,000 as this was needed to

enable the application. Without donations, this would not

have been possible.

Everything is crossed in the hope we will be successful


PMR&GCAuk North East Support

Charity Reg No 1138409.

The whole story can be read by following this link pmr-gca-northeast.org.uk/gr...

In fact all the Newsletters, which can be downloaded, if you want to read at leisure.

There is also more information that you might like to read on that website

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