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Hi everyone

i was referred back to Opthalmology by rheumatology, after I said my sight still didn't seem right.

i've found it very difficult to describe my vision but explained to the consultant this morning it's distorted rather than blurry, with grey shadows jumping around. Anyway, he did a scan of my eyes and found I have Vitreomacular Traction (VMT) in my left eye. I'm being referred to the eye surgeons, although there is a chance it might repair on its own.

Stupidly I didn't ask the question of is this condition linked to PMR? Has anyone else got both conditions?

I'm so pleased to have found this forum as I've learnt so much already 🙂

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As far as I can see (sorry, no pun intended) none of the causes of VMT are related to PMR. Like the other form of vitreous detachment it is associated with ageing and can happen to anyone.

I think you have been lucky to have a rheumy who listens and sent you back to the eye people. I really think more noise should be made about the fact we should have regular eye checks. Even if we were merely told to get it done at the opticians - who actually are quite able to do the basic checks.


Thank you PMRpro, I must admit I had searched but couldn't find anything to show they're related but knew I would get the answer on here!

I'm really impressed with my Rheumy & the NHS! Since The bad eye pain in November that started this journey I've had so many tests & been diagnosed with PMR & now VMT. I'm hoping nothing else turns up when I see the neurologist in March but I'll deal with it if it does 😄

It's a bit shocking to realise you're old enough for age related problems but I suppose I'm not a spring chicken anymore, lol!


Snap - unfortunately the truth will out! I don't like it one bit!


I've had PMRGCA since May 2016, gone from 60 to 30 MG. Prednisone. Eye swelling and vision difficulties ( darkening sight, itchy , watering eyes ) started in Nov. 2015. eye Dr. said allergy, gave me eye drops with Prednisone. Came back in Dec. no improvement, swelling became darker ( raccoon like) ointment given (possibly caused by prednisone) Jan. 2017 visit told it was vitreous detachment from cataract operation scarring 2012, four years before?? Nothing can be done too til I'm off prednisone. Don't know if that will be in time to improve my vision. It's deteriorated to the point I have to rub my eyes to see, can't see small print ,have floaters, bright spots, etc.

Am taking Ocuvite eye vitamin and extra vitamin C on my own to hopefully help.


Hi Mandrose

I have GCA and like you found that my eyes were blurry and not working together. I went to my doctor and had an urgent thorough eye test followed by hospital appointment when they discovered I had Glucoma. I now have to put eye drops in every night before bed for the rest of my life. As I have just had another thorough eye test I am happy that they are looking after my eyes if not the GCA. It seems that after six months of hospital appointments I am left to dose myself and hope for the best. Good luck with your eye problem.

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Hi Cobnut, thanks for your reply. I'm finding all these things happening so confusing at the moment! Can I ask - do you have diabetes? I was asked if I had diabetes before the scan of my eye & the diagnosis was made after the images showed VMT. I'm still having headaches but I'm sure it's because of eye strain but it's a worrying time as it doesn't appear to be related to PMR, so how has something else suddenly appeared!


Hello Mandrose

No diabetes at the moment although I have been told to watch my sugar intake. Both my grandfather and mother did develop type 2 diabetes so I could be unlucky too. My mother also had GCA but never talked about it and now I wish she had. I know that its carbohydrate that I also have to watch and as I am still on a high dose of pred and have the typical round face and stomach now, I try very hard not to eat too much.


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