Does anyone else have discomfort behind the knees ?

Hi Among my symptoms were stiffness in the groins resulting in difficulty getting out of a chair and inability to bend down to pick up the numerous things I dropped. Also I felt some stiffness across the shoulders . I shuffled along as I felt like I had footballs or balloons in the bend of my knees restricting my movement. I started Prednisolone in November 2016 (rheumatologist diagnosed probable PMR) which worked quickly on most of the symptoms. However I still have this weird feeling in the bend of my knees although I am walking much better in spite of feeling some restrictions in movement.

I am so glad to be able to read the information posted by others and wonder if anyone has similar symptoms.

Thank you


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Hello Avis

Your first sentence reads similar to what I experienced which turned out to be needing a new hip. My knee also ached a bit but that has now gone since my hip operation.

Have you had any X-Ray's or checks for your hip?

Best wishes


Thanks Patricia for your prompt reply.

My hip movement has been checked by the doctor and it seems fine for my age.

I will bear what you say in mind as I am seeing the doctor this week.

Thanks again


I do remember one lady who said she had problems behind her knees - not quite sure exactly what she meant and unfortunately she isn't on this forum.


Thank you for your reply. If I get an answer from the doctor I'll post it on this forum.


Wenben has reminded me - I'm sure her doctor said she had a Baker's cyst.


Thanks. I shall look into this further. Avis


I got down to zero pred last summer and the only ongoing sympton was stiffness at the back of the knees. Couldn't shake it. Eventually other aches came back and I went back on 5mg. I'm now back down to 2mg and the knees are fine. This isn't very helpful, just my experience, but it simply goes to prove we're all different. I wouldn't reduce until you've sorted these things out.


Thank you Lyn for the information. It is good to hear of someone with similar symptoms as I was wondering if my diagnosis was wrong. Also it is reassuring to know that your knees are now fine. Thanks.


Hi Avis

I have had a similar problem for a number of years before PMR. It can be felt if you run your fingers down the back of your knee as a slight soft swelling not particularly pronounced, sometimes behind one knee, sometimes both but in my case always worse on the right.

My GP says it is something called 'Bakers Cyst' and is arthritis related. Treatment I believe depends on how bad it is for you. I sometimes rub in Ibuprofen Gel but don't feel mine is bad enough for more drastic treatment as it sometimes just goes away. Mine are bad at the moment as are all the other aches and pains - don't know if it is the weather!

Of course I don't know if this is what you have but I thought it sounded very similar when I read your post.

Hope this helps.....................Wendy


Thank you Wendy for your reply. I will certainly mention this to my doctor this week. Hope the aches go soon. Avis


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