Any followers in North Yorkshire, near Malton?

Moved from Surrey 18 months ago to 'up north'. Love it here but since moving and my body seems to be ailing at present, I haven't really joined clubs etc. Must say, 15 mgs pred seem to be working. I can turn over in bed with no pain, hips/thighs much more supple. Even attempted few jobs today, with a few cat naps, of course. Will turn in now - keep safe in this weather, forecast not good!

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  • Morning Tansy. Lucky you going to live in Yorkshire, my home when I was young and I still miss the rugged beauty of the North East moors ( our back garden) especially when it snows. But not so good for pmr I would guess? Most sufferers seem to do better in the warmer weather. Hunker down, light the fire and enjoy the beautiful scenery, if you have to go outside be careful not to slip over!

    Hope you get some people answering close to you. Enjoy your new life in beautiful Yorkshire.

  • Hello Annie-marie. Love our little corner of North Yorks. Only had 2 short visits to London in 18 months, couldn't wait to get home. How lucky we are to now have lightweight thermal wear. All of us PMR sufferers are of a certain age and probably all remember thick bulky jumpers, cold hands and legs. Clothes that absorbed more than our own weight in rainwater. Give me a quick drying fleece to take away chills. Liberty bodices, with those horrible rubbery buttons!! How we suffered. Now when cold I love wearing several thin layers to keep warm. M & S do thermal colourful long sleeve t shirts so all us old hippies can indulge our 60's vibe.

  • There is an excellent and very active NE PMRGCA charity which has meetings in Gateshead and Middlesborough - there are probably people not too far from you who go to Middlesborough.

  • Thank you PMRpro for information. I'll certainly consider this option but does involve a couple of trains.

  • Do you have a friend/partner who might take you? It is for carers and friends too. I do realise it isn't the easiest of train journeys!

  • Unfortunately I don't have anyone to take me. I am carer for my fibro suffering daughter, too. and don't like to leave her too long alone. If well enough I may visit Leeds day as easier travel wise for me.

  • Hi Tansy

    If you can make it to our Research Roadshow at Chapel Allerton Hospital in Leeds on 30 March, you should meet some likeminded people. It's free and friendly!


  • Thank you Kate for information. There's a through train to Leeds from my station.

    I'll certainly try to attend.

  • Yes I do I live near Helmsley if that is any help - half an hour to Malton

  • Will do not sure how we contact each other

  • If you click on the name in a post it will bring up the profile page of that person. At the top right of the page is a box with "message" in it - click on that and you can write a private post that will only be seen by that person and any other names you add if you want to have a group conversation.

  • That good to know. Helmsley's a lovely town, although many years since I visited. Let me know if you're visiting Malton.

  • You could join the Middlesbrough support group x they have helped me x and they are only about an hour away from you x I am lucky as I live in the middle of gateshead and Middlesbrough x so have support from both x

  • I will ask our membership admin if we have any members near you and also the NE group.

  • Thank you Kate.

  • Thank you Woodiesmum.

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