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Bone scan

Had a bone scan yesterday and it was good news no need to take the weekly tablet which I only took for four weeks when first diagnosed with GCA,radiographer was not happy that GP had put me on the tablet with out first having a scan, so I am again grateful for all the good advice I find on this site I have learnt so much. Happy and healthy New Year to you all .

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I despair at the handing out of heavy duty drugs like sweeties that very probably are not needed! Happened to me too. If everyone in the NHS was taken off the medication they don't need they could save a fortune. Starting with statins and bisphosphonates...


Well done you for persisting, it's a nasty old drug to take when you don't need it. Medical approach seems to be controlled by the major drug companies. We have to be informed and careful.


I took a bisphosphonate for about 6 months when diagnosed and didn't know better....have been off it for 2 years and bone densities are good and unchanged.


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