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So There is Hope!


I just want to give a big thank you to all of you who write in these columns.

I've just been through a bad time with my husband in hospital and because he wanted to walk out of the hospital, (and actually tried. He had been put in a noisy general ward where 3 out of 6 patients in the ward had mental problems) I was allowed to visit him at any time I liked, and to stay the night if I wished. So I sat beside him through most nights, went home at 7a.m. to get clean clothes, and returned to the hospital later in the morning. My email to you never got written, but I knew you were here and it really kept me going. I kept imagining what I would write in an email to you. Thank you!

So whats the good news? My husband is home and that huge appetite that had made me put on over a stone and a half in weight has disappeared! I have lost half a stone and have a very small appetite and am now on 6mg of prednisolone. Strange way to lose weight!

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Bless you for coming through your nightmare with flying colours, you are an inspiration to us all with your ability to look on the bright side. Your husband is a lucky man to have you by his side. I hope 2017 brings you peace And joy. Please let us know how things are progressing with you and yours. Not forgetting your trim waist that makes me green with envy.

Hopefully, all will turn out well. Thank you for your kind thoughts.


I feel for him! I was in a bay in a UK hospital where, of the other 3 patients, 2 were demented and the other one was entitled and demanding. I was so glad to get home! Here we have wards comprising similar sized 3 or 4-bed rooms but all with doors - you don't hear the rest...

Well done on the weight/appetite front - but i'm sure there are less strenuous ways!

Thank you for your reply. I've got to say that staying at night in a "noisy ward" is an interesting experience. One night I heard a nurse in the corridor beside me saying to another nurse, "Could you come and help me (with a patient who was shouting in another ward) she's biting and kicking me." The mind boggles at what these poor nurses have to deal with.

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Being hit and bitten by a demented patient is pretty much par for the course unfortunately - they have to develop very good reflexes! A&E and ambulance staff often end up off work after being assaulted by their clientel - but it still counts against their sick record. There are a few hospitals that now actually have their own police station in the A&E department!

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There is a sign in the local hospital that patients will be charged with damage to property and possibly assault if necessary. But most of the patients can't help it. I worked in ICU where the patients are sleep deprived, oxygen deprived, brain injured, heavily medicated,....and I've been strangled, thrown to the floor and jumped on, attacked with an IV pole, held as hostage, on and on....all in a day's work.....

So glad your husband is doing well in spite of the circumstances and congratulations on your weight loss! Only good things ahead!


You've certainly experienced the full treatment. Here's hoping my husband can avoid returning to hospital. Many thanks for your kind thughts

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Sorry - I have no problem with accepting the sick who are combative for good reason. Being out of your mind on drink and drugs and attacking staff is, however, NOT acceptable - and those are nowadays the majority of abusive patients. That should not be "all in a day's work" and they should be charged - both in legal and monetary terms.

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43tripandskip, what a horrid experience for both you and your hubby. I've also been in a bay with a demented patient so I really do sympathise. Hats off to you for how you have coped so admirably, and I'm sure your hubbie's recovery is in no small way due to your loving care. Don't forget to look after yourself, and I wish you both good health in 2017.

Thank you for your reply. Your kind thoughts are much appreciated.

Well done coping with the bad days, hope your husband continues to feel better. Do take care of yourself now under 7 mg can be a tricky patch with reducing. Sometimes it's after the event that the stress can hit me and the tiredness and tears can emerge. Every best wish for you and your husband in 2017.


Thank you for your kind reply. I hesitated to answer at first because what you say is so true. Some days I get hit with exhaustion and pains in the arms or back. But I know that I will eventually get over it. Thank you for your concern

Your poor husband, my husband had similar experience with noisy, disruptive demented fellow patients, one repeatedly trying to get into his bed! Three nurses stood outside room looking in till one man managed to get him into bed. In my early nursing days in the 1960's we would gather round and sedate them! BUT all then got a good night and staff remained safe. Sadly changed days for all, and not for the better. So glad he's doing well looked after by his own nurse x

Words fail me! That was a terrible experience. My husband might have to go back into hospital. He's dreading it. So we're both doing all we can to keep him healthy. Thanks for your kind thoughts.

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Fingers crossed he gets a good bay!

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