Oops, I did it again!

Did what again I hear you ask? Just as all was coming together beautifully 11 days ago I tripped over at home, landing on the hard but carpeted floor. Result:- fractured scaphoid bone in wrist; and extensive bruising from mid-thigh to outer instep on right leg! My leg is blue now but the air was blue then! X-rays show osteoarthritis around the knee but nothing broken, (although it feels that way). I also skinned my skin, particularly pertinent as I lymphoedema in my legs and now have 2 legs triple bandaged. With my size as well I now resemble the Michelin man hope they'll soon tyre of that joke! I was given more antibiotics by GP but then started to develop PMR-like pains around shoulders and hips. I have been given the nod from GP to increase prednisolone for a few days.

PS I understand that the minister for disabled people is claiming that the Motability scheme will be opened up to claimants who don’t get the enhanced rate of PIP mobility. It is also understood that the plan for enforced medical treatment for some claimants is being dropped.

It’s very good news if true.

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  • Violet - are you sure you have the right name?Shouldn't it be Violentsnowdrop?

    You really are in the wars - you should maybe take out shares in an arnica manufacturer?

    Very gentle hugs coming your way - hopefully virtual ones won't hurt too much! And next time - maybe take a bit more gin with it - they say you land softer when you are drunk...

  • Thanks PMRpro, it did mean cancelling 2 weekends away but I love the idea of virtual hugs. Can't understand why my wife was checking insurance policies though?!?

  • Well, have some more hugs from me too (((((hugs)))). I thought I was the Queen of tripping over my own feet, but you just might be my king.

  • Thanks, Polkadot. As long as the wife doesn't know!

  • I won't tell on you...

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