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Flare up !!

Hi all , haven't posted in ages. Tapered off pred about 2 months now and apart from some aches doing well. Past week I'm very achy especially around elbows and upper arms . My thighs have never really been pain free but now my ability to walk too far is practically zero ! Any advice . Doc not happy with pred again but just wondering should I try maybe 5 mg and see if I improve . Was 2 years on pred but really suffered throughout .

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Sounds horribly like a flare and it isn't uncommon in that sort of time span. You might even find that 1 or 2 mg is enough. Your doc may not be happy about pred again - but if it is PMR then leaving it could result in a good going flare up of symptoms where you have to start at the beginning again, jumping in quickly may mean you get away with just a tiny dose of pred.

Can't remember - what problems did you have with pred?


I didn't have many problems with pred apart from the usual ones . My doc constantly pressurised me to taper . I think I might take 2 mg in morning and see how that goes.


You mean you suffered during the 2 years because your doctor wouldn't let you be on what you really needed? That is so pointless - if you don't take enough you might as well not take any.


Agree with PMRpro - if you can't connect with having done anything else to exacerbate the leg pain. If you suffered all the way through previously doesn't sound as if you really got everything under control, and now the inevitable has happened, sorry to say.

Doctor may not like you going back on Pred, but if it's the only thing that helps then so be it. And leaving it, may just make it worse. The doses you're talking about are ot going to cause you much in the side effect line, but may make you mobile again, and relatively pain free.

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I did do the slow tape rafter I reached 10 mg 1 mg/ month until 5 the by 0.5. I was quite aware of the protocol re tapering . My doc just was not happy with pred but believe me I did my own thing ! Funny thing is this morning Im quite spritely !!!


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