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Flare up

Flare up

Hi everyone, I hope you are all doing good.

I am back up to 20mg pred for the past 3 days after trying to drop to 17.5mg did not go to plan.

Yesterday was my worse day in a while, I had to use my stick to go into Asda with my Mum. It comes to something when your mum puts your 4 bags of groceries in to her car and takes the trolly back. My mum is 20yrs older than me but you wouldn't know it as she runs rings around me.

By the evening yesterday I could barely walk and wondered what the hell was going on. I went to bed at 8.45pm after having what I think some of you call total burn out in the afternoon. I was sitting resting watching tv and attempting a little embroidery when all of a sudden it was 3.30pm, yep I had gone to sleep and I can't remember feeling tied.

I am at the docs this afternoon so will tell him all. Hopefully he will agree to stay on 20mg pred for now.

my thighs are really achy and painful, my knees are also and hurt to touch. My right shoulder and neck hurt and my fingers and toes are also numb.

I hate this damn PMR, I feel old before my time and hate relying on others to help out.

pic is me and my mum 2yrs ago pre PMR at my eldest son's wedding but she still looks the same.

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Hi Sue,

Don't worry about going back up on the pred for a bit. It's been the story of my life after I was on that dose. You should soon feel a bit better. You will prob only have to stay on 20mg for a few days and then make smaller reductions. Try to take life more easy when you do drop. Your Asda experience sounded just like the one I had in Tescos. I've gone back up to 8mg from 7mg after struggling for nearly 3 weeks. I felt better almost immediately.

You still have your lovely mother. I wish I had mine sometimes when I feel like a child again.



told you my new doc was a good en. lo, :)

Stay on 20mg til after weekend to clear this flare then reduce by 1mg per fortnight. I have his blessing to increase if needed and he has given me the 1mg pred on my script. He says rheumy will advise more but he thinks he prob can't do any better than he is doing now. And I totally agree. He did say to expect bad news when I next have my hb1ac bloods for the diabetes and to go see the nurse. I am booked in for bloods a week before rheumy so he will have the results when I go. another CRP and an ESR or something I think he says that is more precise with the inflammation with PMR.


"You still have your lovely mother. I wish I had mine sometimes when I feel like a child again."

Pats - I wished that so many times when stuck in bed in agony for so many months pre-diagnosis, in spite of being a Mum myself!


I cannot possibly imagine being without my mum, she is only 69 but has had 2 new knees 3 yrs ago and has osteoarthritis in all big joints and bad asthma and under active thyroid. And she STILL runs rings around me.



Yes, I guess it applies to us all. The child will always be there no matter how BIG we get, and when we become parents must of us will carry it for the rest of our lives.




Yes it's often suprising what we mums, and dads too, can do when our kids, no matter what age, are in trouble. Glad you're on the up.



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