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PMR Breast pain

Hi fellow sufferers....haven't been on here for some time now due to various reasons. I have had PMR now for 4 odd years and managed to get off the Pred twice unsuccessfully...the first time I was off them for 4 months and then second only lasting 2 weeks. What I would like to know has anyone suffered Breast and chest pain? Last year I had a period of waking up in the night with the most awful pain that went through my breasts. All I can describe it as a hot burning pain as if a hot poker was going through my nipples into the breast. My GP sent me to the Breast Clinic at the hospital and I was told it was PMR and why hadn't anyone told me. I was given a mammogram by the way.

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Hi, yes I have had this pain, but mine is more like a dull ache, which also goes down the sides of my breast, but also in the nipple. I think it is all part of PMR and as PMRpro had said it probably is all myofascial pain which I find is always worse at night. I also had a mammogram.

There seems to be all sorts of knock on pains from having PMR!

I am sure others will be along with a lot more information as I am pretty new to all this.

Take care.


Yes I've had breast pain and find bras uncomfortable towards th day's end. I had a normal mammogram and was told this symptom was 'our age dear'. Are you telling me that this also is attributable to PMR?


Funnily enough I had breast pain for the first time in ages yesterday, it reminded me of when I had periods all those years ago! I hadn't thought of Pmr but am in the midst of a flare & so it all makes sense now. 😬


You speak of hot burning pain could be acid reflux?


Me at side of breast.


PMR is crazy, transient, and presents odd places, inconsistent in my body. Started out slowly and BAM. Prednisone 40mg per day moving into 20mg so far so good. Had one night of breast discomfort during this event left breast only. However, it was sharp and burned. Many of these new found friends are helping me through, I am blessed.


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