Persuaded to take Leflunomide

I went to my GP last week and she had a letter from my Rheumie and the result of which is I have been persuaded to start on 10 mgs of Leflunomide and to come off Methotrexate.My blood will be tested every two weeks and my BP monitored.I guess the big test will be when I go up to 20mgs after a month.So far no side effects - I'm feeling that I'm walking better and less sore.My Rheumie also says reduce Pred when able ( I'm on 7 mgs) but I want to get settled on 20mgs on Leflunomide before I think of reducing.Does this sound ok or should I be reducing straight away?

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  • I doubt there are many people with the experience to answer you since not that many people will be taking leflunomide. Personally, I would think your feeling is right - if you are already feeling better it seems to make sense to wait until you feel you aren't improving any more and then try a bit less pred. No-one seems to know how long these drugs take to work - and if isn't a widely used approach despite a very promising pilot study where 22 out of 23 patients were able to reduce their pred considerably.

  • Thanks I think you may be correct about there not being a lot of people taking it as my GP said she had never had a patient taking it and she knew very little about the drug.

  • It is sometimes used for rheumatoid arthritis - but isn't a recommended option for steroid-sparing in GCA/PMR. However, a rheumy I trust has said it is the only one he would bother with - so good luck to you!!!! Do tell us how you get on.

  • I am only the second one in my GP practice

  • Hi Robert : we are in a very select group ( I hope) Alls good with me day 8 now 👍

  • Just on a practical note, have you thought of buying your own home B.P. testing machine to make monitoring a bit easier. You can get one which will pick up irregular heartbeats and store about 30 readings. Good luck on your new regime.

  • Hi Sallyaches - I totally agree with your suggestion I am going shopping for one this morning. Thanks so much for the kind thought 😊

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