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Amalgam fillings and health

Has anyone ever wondered whether their PMR problems could be down to their amalgam fillings? I have been wondering recently.

"Already, Denmark, Sweden and Norway have banned dental amalgam (a specific exception can be granted for individual cases), and Canada, Italy and Australia have taken steps to reduce amalgam use."

I know I had some heavy dental treatment after arriving here in France back in around 2008. My mouth has much more amalgam than it did back in the UK.

If I had plenty of spare money I would definitely have them replaced.

Thoughts please?

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"If I had plenty of spare money I would definitely have them replaced."

Ah well - that's the crux isn't it! I had a tooth break a year or so ago and the amalgam filling was replaced with a ceramic inlay: 600 euros, thank you very much! Just for one!

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Maybe it's not as bad as we're led to believe:

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IdasMum, yes, like you, my amalgam fillings (and I have a multitude!) did cross my mind more than once during my years with PMR/GCA. Any fillings that have needed replacing during those years and since have been replaced with white fillings after having the amalgam removed with a rubber dam in my mouth to protect my body from the mercury. The white fillings may not be as strong and long lasting as the amalgam fillings but I feel happier!


I've heard it's not safe to have them replaced unless you have a dentist well versed in safety for these procedures. .


Going off at a slight tangent - I am now 67 but when at school as a 14/15 year old, myself and a friend took every opportunity to go into the storeroom in the laboratory and 'play' with the mercury stored in a cupboard. Neither of us realised the danger at the time but I am now wondering if I am reaping the rewards with PMR (diagnosed in January this year). What does anyone else think?

My friend at the time now lives in Australia and I believe is well.


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