Respiratory Symptoms and alarm

For the last few days I have had a thinly running nose, followed by a slightly infected nostril. Yesterday my nose was so blocked I couldn't breathe, neither could I blow it. It was as if the nostril lining was swollen. I then developed a tight sensation in the whole length of my oesophageal area,almost as if I had swallowed something hard and pebble like and it was stuck. I woke up with a shock in the middle of the night because I think I had simply stopped breathing. These symptoms are accompanied by feeling tired and unwell.

Is this familiar to anyone? I sort of think I've picked up a virus and it's behaving oddly because of PMR and my alleged Fibro. I'm reducing Pred. Slowly and my next dose will be 10mg alternating with 12.5mg. Slower than the Rheumie's hastily scrawled programme. I have raised blood pressure and take 25 mgs of Atenolol daily.

I also have a tendency to worry about symptoms. I can't think my GP's surgery would be much interested in this, more in hurrying me off the Pred.

Any thoughts wise ones?

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  • I disagree. I think your GP should be interested in your current symptoms. They may or may not be related to your other issues, but you should really have this infection checked out, especially if it's affecting your breathing. I know, because I have a chronic sinus infection following a succession of colds and flu last year. And i am still awaiting an appointment to have the sinus drained.

  • Hi Jane,

    Think you may have answered yourself - most probably a virus, and yes your immune system not working as expected because of PMR, Pred et al!

    As Annodomini says you should get it checked out, you have enough problems with PMR and Fybro without allowing something else to make things worse.

    Although you have raised blood pressure, don't think about reducing at the moment, too much stress already. That will reduce in time when you can reduce the Pred when you feel better. As I've said many times, whatever the doctors may want you to do, you have to listen to your body, and sometimes reducing is the wrong thing to do!

    Hope you soon feel better, but get thee to the doctor!

  • As they say - get thee to a doctor. The possibility of sleep apnoea must be taken seriously.

    But in the meantime also try inhaling steam as grandma would have suggested. I tend to get a bunged-up nose that I simply cannot blow - and if you have a throat infection that could account for the other feelings.

  • Thank you for your advice. I've slept on and off all day, still feel queer so I'll ring at the crack of dawn in the morning for a doctor's appointment, as is the system there.

  • Just to add to PMRPro advice on "grandma steam". You can buy mentholated crystals from the chemist, they are excellent at clearing a bunged up nose and sinuses. To words of warning. 1. They are very strong so only use one or two crystals at a time. 2. Do not (as my mother did) ask the chemist for Crystal Meth! The chemist asked her if she was sure and then she compounded the error by saying...oh yes, my daughter uses it all the time. 😊

  • Love it!!!!! He did get disillusioned I trust ;-)

  • Hope he didn't call police lol!!!

  • Ha Ha Ha!

    Feel better today. Had palpitations last night and a fragile feeling. I dug out some pre- diagnosis Propranolol, took 40 mgs and felt much better. My blood pressure home kit showed slightly raised bp and pulse uneven and 114 beats a minute. I am left with an ordinary ears nose and throat today after a decent sleep . Thanks for the comforting old remedies. I think I've lost trust in my body, everything feels different and sinister these days.

    Happy prospect of Theo ( grandson) today. A day of no painful introspection at all, just painting and sticking. Thanks all.

  • Glad you are feeling better. This disease is so baffling sometimes.

  • Hi Sheffield jane I'm glad you're feeling better today but I know exactly where you are coming from losing trust in your body that's how I feel in a nutshell my body doesn't seem like mine and everything seems like the beginning of the end however small the ailment I get very anxious at something I'd normally shake off with a couple of paracetamol. The stress that goes with PMR is my biggest hurdle. I'm glad to say my head/ear feels better after 5 days antibiotics and upping pred from 7 to 9 this week. Happy days 😊

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