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CRP and Rheumy

I have been to see the rheumy nurse to arrange for my second infusion of Zolendronic acid. She told me that my wonderful rheumy (Prof Symmonds of Manchester) has retired. I will miss her but if, as I hope, my PMR has run its course, I may not need to see the doctor who is taking over her case load.

The nurse also told me the result of the blood test I had two days ago. The CRP was 70!! I'm horrified. My CRP has rarely gone below 20 but this seems to be caused by my chronic sinus infection and this week I also have a cold which could have pushed it up further. I have a phone call with my GP booked for Monday so let's see what he says!

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All I can say is "Get well soon"!!!!!!


Thanks.....I think!


I would say don't increase the Pred if you think the high CRP is from infection....mine went up to 200 when I had one recently....rheumy actually lowered my Pred to allow body better to fight it....just my experience....feel better soon....



No, I won't increase the pred - hell will freeze over first!


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