Smokey eyes

Hi everyone, this morning I had a sharpish pain in left eye which made me squint, then my vision was as though I was in a smokey room. I squinted again to clear it, to no avail. I covered my right eye and room was smokier, covering my left eye room was perfectly clear. It was weird. It s clearing a bit now but it shook me up a bit. I'm wondering if it's anything to do with the pmr or maybe a cataract forming. I've got an appointment with gp tomorrow so I'll mention it to her 😱 Just thought I'd run it past you all first.

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  • Hi JJ,

    Definitely think you need to follow this up, know you have an appointment tomorrow but any chance you can get to see doctor today? I didn't have any pain with my eye, but certainly had the smokey affect, although it didn't disappear like yours has.

    Do you have any other symptoms?

    It might not be anything to do with GCA but suggest you get it checked soonest.

    Good luck, please let us know outcome.

  • Thanks for reply DL. I will ring gp as smokey has not totally disappeared, it's more like hazy like a mirage, sorry I can't explain it more but it's a little worrying. As soon as it happened I thought of you so I'll take your advice and pop over gps, appointment or not 😀

  • Yes. I know what you mean. Good idea to go to surgery. Please let me know outcome - hope it's a false alarm.

  • Like a veil?

  • If you can't see the doctor today - go to an optician with on-duty optometrists who can do all the examinations of your eyes and emphasise you have PMR which increases your risk of developing GCA. You may have to pay - they are, when all is said and done, a business - but they can see and tell you far more than your GP.

    There are other things that could cause the pain and visual effect - most of which require medical attention of some sort. If neither is an option, or if it gets any worse at all - go to A&E asap and insist on being taken seriously. If you have no way of getting to a hospital - call 111 and if things get worse, call 999.

  • Thanks for reply pmrpro, have rang gp, no appointment but if I go over there and wait I might get a cancellation spot.

  • Hum - MIGHT. And he can't see anything - he doesn't have the equipment. So all I said still applies - go, and tell them very clearly you have visual symptoms and eye pain and would like a quick word with a doctor, NOW. They must have someone who covers emergencies. If you get nowhere - call some opticians. If you still get nowhere, A&E. I suppose it is too much to hope you are near an eye hospital?

  • I'll make sure gp sees me, and if push comes to shove I'll ask my niece to run me up to the university hospital when she finishes work.

  • Good luck.

  • How did it all work out jjackdaw?

  • Eyes ok just signs of cataract. Nothing to worry about yet- apparently 🤔

    Thanks for reply.

  • That's good in one way. my consultant said yesterday that cataracts were more likely age related anyway. Hope it continues OK.

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