1st day steroid free and 2nd day of waking with no neck pain! :)

Day 2 of no neck pain waking me....I am so happy and really hope that I do not have PMR and can find another way to manage symptoms.

Day 1 of no steroids.....have had no reply from my Dr so will make an appointment for this evening.

I have other pains but they are not classically bi-lateral.

I have felt alive for the last 3 days too...after my crisis point earlier this week.

Basically I am very happy at the moment.

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  • IdasMum, this is great news! You are an inspiration. Long may it continue. Go gently.💐

  • Thank you.

    I have just come back from a fabulous osteopath appointment...I am hoping to feel really lose and relaxed over the next day or two.

    I realise that my neck pain has gone at 3mgs of Pred, as I only stopped today....and have come home to find an email reply from my Dr agreeing for me to continue on 3mg until we return from the UK.

    I am liking today :)

  • Fingers crossed this lasts - and you have permission to use the pred until you get back. That's good!

  • Whoop whoop, I am really thrilled to read about your journey. Keep up with the bulletins.

  • Dear @DorsettLady, i was not telling anyone to not take steroids, i am happy that your eye was saved . there is nothing worse then being blind. i was merely saying how they effected me , and what others have said on this site. and it is very hard to get off of them. we all react differently to Parkinson's , and have usually, unusual ways that it effects us. by all means take steroids if it is helping you.

  • I really do not understand why this post appears here?????

  • Congratulations @Ida'sMum,

    happy for your good news, hope it continues.

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