Flat emotions

Seem to be successfully reducing on the dead slow plan and am now at 18. I am wondering tho I feel kind of flat emotionally. My responses outwardly are appropriate but internally I feel off. Typical feeling from dosage change? Just curious? And my physical therapist has been wonderfully helpful for my shoulder issue so that is hopeful. Thanks and happy weekend to all.

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  • Hi,

    Could be just the reduction, but would have thought the slow plan should have helped with that. I certainly used to feel like that early days when I reduced 'overnight' for the first few days after a drop until I tried a slower plan when things improved.

    May just be one of those things - I think we all get periods in life when we feel like that - nothing major has happened but we just feel - as you rightly say - flat. I guess it's part of human nature, and so long as it doesn't become any worse then nothing much to worry about.

    Hope you soon better.

  • Feeling better today. Yesterday I was very tired. Thanks for the kind reply.

  • Good, glad to hear it!

  • More likely to simply be the pred - and possibly better than being subject to wild mood swings?

  • True. I had the mood swings before being diagnosed. No fun.

  • Hi bunny, I have some very odd emotional/mental things off and on also. Sometimes I also just feel off or flat (good word for it). I sometimes do a brisk walk (not too brisk) for 20-30 min when I get those feelings, and it seems to help. Maybe just endorphins kicking in--a temporary fix--but sometimes that's all I need to get back on track.

  • It has been very rainy here. Hope to take your advice later today. Moving always helps. Yesterday I rested most of day.

  • I do most of my walking indoors. I jokingly call it my "walk about" where I just basically pace around my bedroom (often in figure 8 shapes) with the TV on. I move fast enough to get the blood flowing and generate some perspiration. I try to do it every morning for about 30 minutes. If I feel pain I stop. So sometimes I can only do 15 or 20 minutes. The downside of doing it in a closed space where you have to make the turns is that you may inadvertently hurt your hips. The upside is that nobody is looking at you or wondering why you walk so funny and if you need to stop you can do it easily. I usually feel better afterwards. I have had days where I didn't feel better, but it seems so random that I don't know if the walking itself has anything to do with it. The walking is good for bone health (so they say) so has that added benefit as well. So, good lucky bunny...hope you have a chance to give it a try and hope it helps.

  • that was supposed to say "good luck bunny", not good lucky bunny. LOL.

  • My eyesight is so blurry from preds I didn't even notice your spelling lol. Thanks. I have an indoor walking dvd I need to look for. You reminded me.

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