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To cheer everyone up on a Friday morning......I have finally worked out why, when I bend over forwards, the floor continues to come up to meet me.

Previously most of my weight was centered below the waist - ex horse riders bottom and thighs, swollen knees and more than a hint of a tummy.

Contrast this now with the moon face, lack of a neck, buffalo hump, several sizes up in bras (in fact only the soft crop type are comfortable) and the many, many spare tyres around the midriff and all the weight is suddenly ABOVE the waist thus leading to the toppling effect when I bend down to collect the dogs empty food bowls.

So - after 71 years I have now to learn how to bend down afresh! The knees don't bend so they are no help.

Just another of the many blessings from the pred.

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  • You make it sound so attractive!

    I've often wondered how Dolly Parton manages to stay upright! She must have a mighty strong back bone.

  • I've learned to hang to whatever's handy when I bend down. Computer chairs are nice and moveable and by jamming it up against whatever I can bend down gracefully (oh, all right, nearly graceful) and get up again (which is a different kettle of fish).

  • After my little chuckle as I pictured you picking up the dogs bowls I thought I should share the tip given to us by the physiotherapist at a bones clinic I attended a few months ago. Instead of bending forward at the waist as we tend to do, even if we also try to bend our knees, stick your bottom out as if you are going to sit in a chair. It doesn't look as grotesque as it sounds and it really does protect the back, and in your case may well help to keep your centre of gravity centred. I've found it really helpful as I pick up the cats' water dishes and I try to remember to use this technique no matter what I have to lift from a low place.

  • She probably gets someone else to do it or she'll never get up !! Actually I love her - but keeping that sense of humour at all times!!

  • What's bending down?

  • Well, we can't all have "people" to do it for us!

  • I haven't got a "people" to do it for me either... :-)

  • I discovered bra extenders. They take you up a couple of sizes and much cheaper than buying new ones!

  • Not if your cup size increases too! And the support isn't the same as a well-fitting bra - but then, I was "trained" by Sadie the Bra Lady...

  • They seem to have worked for me during my many size fluctuations over the years but I've never needed substantial buttressing and I'm sure you're right that they wouldn't do the job for anyone who does.

  • Yes, well - I started with a EE cup - and went up to G. And from a 32 to a 34. Never have been able to understand why anyone wants to be that size artificially...

  • I'm sure my younger daughter - 4'10" and 28DD would agree with you!

  • One daughter is 5'2" and a 28DD (UK size 6 on a fat day) but has been up to a 30 GG when she was pregnant! The other is 4'10 1/2" (very important that 1/2") and 32G. Not skinny though by any means.

    Better send them all to Sadie...

  • Over the years I have found that I go up a cup size every time I have a mammogram. Started as a D cup presently a GG. Just had a mammogram this morning, off to buy some H cups. Hey ho!!

  • Not really surprised.......by the time they have squashed them in the machine they are bound to go up a couple of sizes......and the pain!!!!! I haven't had one since I developed the giant pendulous bazoomas, apparently when you get the high side of 70 you don't need them any more. Phew!

  • Remember you can request one over the age of 70. You just need to contact the Breast Screening service in your area.

  • That's because wherever it is you are having them done they are either using old equipment or don't know you don't have to squash hard with newer equipment. It was a revelation when I had my first one done here in northern Italy - I don't mind going any more!

    It isn't you don't NEED them done - being cynical, it was an ageist choice to keep costs down.

  • Should be my last one, 70 next year. They are looking for volunteers for a trial on women 70-74 in my area, so may get another in 2 years. By the way my pic was taken 25 years ago, can't find a recent one of me on my own. Will work on it.

  • For some reason, they sent for me at 73 then told me I had to book my own mammogram. I miscalculated, and had another last year at 75! So I can and will book my own when I'm 78.

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