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PMR,prednisolon and where to get small dosage tablets


Hi,I am Toenti, I was diagnosed with PMR in january 2016 after a horrible period of increasing debilitating pain. Prednisolon worked within days which was a blessing. Now however I have gradually developed more an more nasty side-effects from the preds. Balloonface,bullsneck and hump,tremendoes weightgain,24/7profuse sweating,fatigue, loss of 45 percent of my hair and occasional blurred vision. After a flare-up I had to go two steps back to 20 mg.(I was put on 25mg. To start with). Now on 17.5mg which seems reasonably o.k.( not painfree but bearable) . I hope to reduce down gradually but being from the Netherlands, I can only get 5mg. Tablets which I can cut in half but not less. Does anyone know if I can order a smaller dose tablet anywhere? (Maybe in the U.K.)

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DorsetLadyPMRGCAuk volunteer

Hi Toenti,

In UK you can get White uncoated tablets in 1mg doses. Come in really useful when you get to low doses, and want to reduce by only 0.5mg. I'm surprised you can't get them in Netherlands - have you looked on the paperwork in your current tablets, they usually list all the different doses available. Perhaps it's just your local pharmacy/doctor that doesn't hold them. You're certainly going to require them when you get lower, so best of luck sourcing them.

Toenti in reply to DorsetLady

Thanks, I will look at the paperwork that comes with the meds.

Hi Toenti, Oh poor you! What a horrible time you have been having. What a high dose they started you on! I can understand why you want a gentle tapered reduction now. I am astonished that you cannot get less than 5 mg tablets of Prednisolone in the Netherlands. In the UK we have 1 mg and 2.5mg tablets. I would be wary of ordering tablets on the Internet though. Surely there is something your doctor can do. After all you won't be alone in your need to decrease your steroid dose gradually ( very). There are a lot of wise experienced people on this website who I am sure will want to help. Good luck!

Toenti in reply to SheffieldJane

The Dutch prednisolon regime is very rigid. They start you on 25mg and lower it every 2 months by 5mg. I tried to show the docter the british dosages after their extensive testing,but he did not even want to look at it. So I will have to do it on my own. As long as I can get my prescription. Thanks for your reply and sympathy. This site has given me a lot of useful info and it helps to know that you are not alone dealing with this.kind regards.

Hi Toenti in the USA we can get 1mg pills


If you get a pill cutter you can manage to get 2.5mg with practice. Then if you alternate the old and new doses that will be a 1.25mg difference, or you can do 1 day low dose, 2 days higher dose to smooth it a bit more. You don't HAVE to have the same dose every day although that is more comfortable.

Toenti in reply to PMRpro

Thank you for that tip. I will try the alternate way.

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