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Holiday flare?

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Hello everyone,

Well even after all I’ve learned on this site about stress, I think I’ve caused a PMR flare. I was diagnosed with PMR/GCA almost exactly a year ago and put on 40mg of prednisone. Over the past year I’ve come down to 12.50 with a few minor bumps and some doctor issues along the way.

About 10 days ago I went down from 13.75 to 12.50, I know, right before Christmas! What was I thinking!

Add in family issues and major financial stress, plus cooking and hosting Christmas for my son and his girlfriend and her kids in our small apartment and I woke up yesterday with stiff and painful shoulders and neck. The same pain I had a year ago before diagnosis. I Haven’t experienced this same type of pain for a year. I also had blurry vision in my left eye that happened when reading that morning and that lasted a few hours. No headaches, just a few niggles. I also had two nights with some chills before this.

Today I went back up to my previous 13.75. Before that I was in 15. mg. Do you think 13.75 is enough? If this takes care of it, would a few days at this be enough?

Christmas was really wonderful with the little ones here, especially since I don’t have grandchildren, but I thought I had made so much progress that it wouldn’t be stressful

Thank you for any advice you may have for me.

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Stress is stress is stress - I'd do 15mg for a few days and then back to 13.75mg for a few days and then start tapering again. But I wonder if the chills are saying "infection"? I get them if I have a UTI, but I don't necessarily have any other cystitis signs as the pred calms that.

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Mstiles in reply to PMRpro

Just read about your Christmas ordeal! What a nightmare. Thanks for taking time to answer me while you were being gobsmacked with all that. Hope things are better and calmer for the New year. 💕

l hope that 15mg of pred will help to control the flare as has been advised by PMR. Pro .l would take it easy now that Christmas is over,it does cause our stress levels to increase preparing for Christmas,but l am pleased you had a wonderful time with the little ones ,and l wish you a happy and healthy new year.

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Mstiles in reply to Grants148

Thank you grants.

The same to you.

Such an easy thing to do. We feel we can do it and believe we can yet our bodies are still bubbling away under the pred with the inflammation. I am so sorry darling but hopefully it will settle now as you get into your normal routine. Kids are delightful but exhaust us like nothing else on earth. I know how I feel after being around a certain four year old who I love madly. I weep with exhaustion. xxx

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Mstiles in reply to Daisychain12

Thanks Daisy,

I’m better today after doing nothing yesterday!

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Daisychain12 in reply to Mstiles

Well that is great news xxxx

Do you get chills on and off during the day?

Well i teplied to mstiles but its gone somwhere in the universe how do i donit i spend ages responding wanting to help and my post vanishes what am i doing wrong

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Daisychain12 in reply to Alness

Did you click on “ Done”. Then scroll down and click on “ Reply” As well. Xxxx

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Mstiles in reply to Alness

No stress Alness. I’ve done that!

I’m feeling better today after upping my pred a bit.

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