Gall bladder polyp

I wondered if anyone else has experienced this: for the last 3 weeks I've had an on/off winding pain under my ribs on the right,saw the GPS who sent me for a scan. Only thing found was a small polyp on the gall bladder. Is this connected with high dose prednisone intake over 18 months? I had assumed that it had something to do with long standing acid reflux. Any insights gratefully received!

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  • I've not come across gall-bladder polyps being linked with Pred at all. I think the pain might more be linked to the acid reflux - I've had that for many years and Pred can and does irritate the gut, it's a common side effect.

    Is the pain in your ribs, are they tender to touch? If that's the case then it could be costochondritis

  • Thanks polkadotcom. I'm beginning to think the same - ie linked to the reflux. The ribs are not tender, just a deep, winding pain.

  • Hi. Ronni101

    I have been taking Prednisolone for 17 years, and suffer with Gallstones, I have one large one, [ 3/4 inch ] I cant' say it's because of the the long term use of Pred. that caused them, as people who never take Pred get gallstones, At the moment I can control my symptoms with a low fat diet, but do get "flare ups" if I overdo the cheeses!!! polyps can appear anywhere in/on the body, I have polyps on the kidney, but again I cant blame them on the pred, as my husband also has kidney polyps and has never taken steroids in his life.

  • Do you take calcium supplements? That can be associated with gallstones as well as calcium grit in the urine leading to bladder problems and kidney stones.

  • Thanks bowler. The pain doesn't seem to be related to eating - I often have it first thing in the morning. I think I can rule out the pred as well.

  • They can be associated with fat metabolism - and pred probably changes that but I can't find anything that links pred and polyps. And as Bowler says - people who haven't been on pred get them too.

  • Thanks, PMRpro - I am on a calcium supplement and I was diagnosed with a kidney stone earlier this year. I did wonder whether the calcium supplement had anything to do with the stone. Anyway, all these responses have put my mind at ease to a certain extent! I'll just have to wait until I see the GP.

  • I had several polyps attached to my gallbladder. This was after my first child was born. I had never been on Prednisone at that time. I was constantly nauseated most of the time until they surgically removed the gallbladder. Now, I just have to be careful of how much fat and spicy food I eat. I had the old style surgery of gallbladder with a large incision done obliquely across my abdomen. It took me a long time to heal.

    I wish you the best with the polyp that you have presently. Hopefully, it will not grow or cause any discomfort for you.

  • Many thanks, Joyful13, did the gallbladder removal cure the nausea? Did you have pain with it?

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