wobbly Arms!!

I have been getting the same Jelly like feeling in both my arms. It feels as though all the life has gone out of them like a balloon when it gets deflated. It usually comes on, a day after I have been doing too much. I take it as a warning sign to stop and rest for a day if possible, it's bad at the moment because it's the school holidays and I am on Granny Duty. Bit of a struggle but we are nearly there then I will try and get some 'me time' and build up my energy a bit. 😊

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  • Yep,

    Think you're quite right in your approach. Trouble is, grandchildren don't appreciate that Granny doesn't have the same energy levels they do - oh I wish!

    Enjoy your restful period when it comes. Might be worth trying to find some gentle exercises to help rebuild the muscles in your arms - nothing too strenuous though - Pred has a lot to answer for!

    If you can find a site that shows Pilates exercises, there are some good arm exercises - mainly for shoulders, but they do help the arm muscles as well using small weights (tin of beans will do) - both sitting and lying on the floor.

  • Breast stroke slow and gentle was suggested to me Don't know if that's any help .and Tai chi . Not tried the Tai Chi but will have to fit it in with work ,so need to look into it yet . I do seem to suffer from weak dithery arms sometimes it's very frustrating isn't it but my doctor said that was the osteo artheritis .Not the PMR .I think its's both . Just been out an a bike ride but leaning on shoulders is not the best idea .However the sit up and beg position was easier .Well sort of . Grandkids just have to circle round me now and again to wait .haha Jelly legs now .Lack of excercise If I am honest . Red faced hot exhausted and sorry I went .Wheres that phone number for the Tai Chi !

  • I think he is wrong - I have no OA, I do have PMR, and if I do too much or try certain actions - like putting a duvet into its cover - the result is wobbly arms (for want of a better descriptor).

    The jelly legs isn't really just lack of exercise - it is the result of what PMR does to the muscles which makes them intolerant of acute exercise - you can build up very slowly but you rarely can decide to go for a long walk or a bike ride without these sort of effects.

  • Might stick to the slow swim then ,you get some support from the water .I know what you mean about the duvet cover ,Grief what an arduous task that is ;-) The bed looks so tempting after you have put the cover on dosn't it ? My doctors are dismissive of this complaint and as such I find I make excuses which I must stop doing . There is more information on this site that helps really . Thanks !

  • A freshly made bed with just ironed cotton covers that were dried outside... Yum!!!!!!!

  • Yes I've had that. A really weird sensation as if I have no strength in my arms at all. Never had it before PMR. It can sometimes be helped by massaging my upper arms with the opposite hand and I find the muscles there are usually tight and sore.

  • Thank you all for your encouragement, I will look up the Pilates, I do enjoy swimming, but find the getting showered and struggling to drag my clothes back on in a damp and steamy changing room just completely undoes the benefit of the swim, I stagger out exhausted and needing a lie down, will get there in the end, taking each day at a time. Blessings

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