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GCA and lefumomide

Have just come home after seeing my new rheumy and he has said I should stop taking the antibiotics - which I had never really seen the point of - they were given as a preventative. He also stopped the azathrioprine which I had never been happy with. He has replaced it with Lefumomide 20 mg. Is anyone taking that and how do they get on with it. I have had a bad flare since reducing the Predisilone at 5 mg a week and everyone said that was too fast but my last rheumy insisted I should stay with that reduction. Had got down to 25 mg. Now the new rheumy says I should go back to 30 mg for a month which is probably right but seems disappointing to have to go backwards. Also got my bone density scan and not sure what it means but I have osteopenia which seems to be a lesser thing than osteoporosis - it says I have a 22.8% chance of a fracture within 10 years and a young adult t score of - 1.9 - whatever all that means! Anyway - wont be able to get rid of the aleondronic acid or adcal. Was surprised the rheumy seemed to be relying mostly on what I told him. He hadn't seen any of my scans including the PET scan that diagnosed GCA and he hadn't seen the bone density scan. Well - maybe I have made some progress!

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Posted on your other comment. Why do you say you can't get rid of the AA? If you haven't already, sign up to the osteoporosis forum on this website.


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