Labs are not too bad so why?

Ok received my new lab results. My C-reactive protein is up from .87 to 1.13 which to me is not that high as normal is <.80.

My abc is down to absolute neutrophils is 11549 range is 1500-7800.

sed rate is 25 normal

All other labs are normal.

So why when I have gone back up to 20mg do I still have a slight head ache and occasional jaw and shoulder pain. Remember I went blazing down to 7 mg from 8 then 9 then 10, 12.5 ,15, 17.5, 20 ..

I have been invited to go on a trip and it will only cost me food and air for 7 days in Puerto Vallarta.

I am so worried that I will end up being a pain for my friend who is taking me. I never know what day I will feel ok or not and 7 days in a row with a high energy friend is sort of undoing me. She did get us a 2 bedroom condo so I will have my own space and bath which is a real treat.

What about being in the sun all day? Does Prednisone have sun sensitivity?

I am going to stay on 20 mgs until the pains go away. Then I will do the slow to almost stop when I go to 17.5. etc.

My rheumy I think is not going to answer my calls due to my refusing to take the methotrexate. It was poisoning me and I felt it.



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Have you had a conversation with your friend about your health? I recently stayed with a good friend for a few days. She knew about my pmr but I don't know that she really understood. She got it after seeing me in person, in the morning. She understood that I needed to take breaks and was fine with staying " home" to rest and read while she took the kids off for an adventure some days. Have a conversation about what activities are planned. If it's beach days and you can just laze about you might be just fine. Bring lots of sunblock!😎


Hi TooSore,

I finally asked her what are our plans so I could know what to expect. She said the main plan was to sit on an inner tube with a Margarita and float around what they call a river. It has a current and we just float. I have a cotton wrap around that can be used like a blanket and I plan to take it and use it for sun protection. I will definitely use a lot of sun block an look for places in the HUGE pool with shade.

Then she said we have a 2 bedroom 2 bath place so I could rest when ever I needed and not to worry about it. OK I worry about it.

I feel in my heart this will be my last vacation and actually this is my first time ever going to a resort like this so I truly want to have fun memories.

Since she shared about getting my own room the pressure has gone down and I am working on not fretting about it all. She is a wonderful friend and we will have a great time.


Lin-calif, I understand why this trip is so important to you. Sitting on the beach last summer a friend asked if I'd like to accompany her to the east coast of Canada, with a stop over in Quebec City....we were going to take a couple of weeks. A trip like this has been on my bucket list since a child. Now that I'm not feeling the best, I cancelled yesterday. The only reason being that I did not want to be responsible for ruining her trip if I became ill. She is a retired nurse and is well informed of GCA/PMR so totally understands about my limitations of activity and need to rest, so that wasn't a worry. Sounds like your schedule is pretty laid back which is great. I will never make this trip now......but you may have a chance, good luck!


Hi animi

I have thought of cancelling a bunch of times but I can't do it because then we both will lose our flight money. I plan to not look at it like our vacation but let it be my vacation then I can plan my rest when needed.. I am on 20 pred n I will stay at this level until I get back. I do not want to be tapering right before the trip at the end of the month.

I am so sorry you had to cancel your trip. Canada is on my bucket list but I don't think I will get there.

God Bless


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I definitely think you should go for it Lin. My situation is different as my friend is attending her 50th nursing reunion where she grew up as well. I cancelled because I could not tolerate the stress of ruining her trip.

Have a blast. It sounds laid back and restful....perfect!




Your CRP is increasing - you will need to check again to see if that trend continues. Its level probably lags behind any developing inflammation - symptoms are always trumps.

You must make clear to your friend that while she is welcome to go of and do her own thing is she wishes, you need to rest to be able to join in with the things you can.

Pred can make you very sun-sensitive and it is associated with an increased risk of skin cancers (NOT melanoma though) so you should use high factor sun cream. I used to struggle in heat - whether that is the PMR or the pred I have no idea, it is far better now, but I still can't/don't sit/walk in full sun for long. I never go out in sun without a hat and frankly - left to myself sometimes I would be very Chinese and use an umbrella for portable shade!


I have always struggled in the heat but being in a pool is so refreshing to me. I will undoubtedly look silly but no one knows me so I will most likely wear cover up type swim wear. Going to stay at the The Grand Mayan Nuevo Vallarta Resort. If the pictures are accurate there is ONE HUGE pool there along with the floating river. The ocean doesn't seem to be too far.

Thank you all for your support. Truly this site has been a God send for me.

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