Strange Eye Closure

My wife has GCA for a little over 1 1/2 years. After many up & downs, she is down to 29 mgs tapering and generally going well. But recently when she turns her head to the left her right eye closes. If she knows this will happen ahead of time, she can keep it from closing. It is strange. Does anyone have a comment on this?

Thanks So Much,

Jim & CJ

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  • A stab in the dark - but I wonder if it could be something like hemifacial spasm, where an artery puts pressure on a facial nerve. It may not happen in most positions but as she turns her head the pressure is exerted. There are other similar things but it is certainly something I would discuss with a doctor, a neurologist being the obvious place to ask for referral.

  • Thanks PMRpro. She has a DR appointment in a couple weeks and will mention that to him.

  • Jim, although it isn't listed as a side effect of steroids, a member of our local PMR/GCA support group with GCA has a similar problem with one of her eyelids. The only difference is that her eyelid is partially closed all the time. I have always wondered whether either the inflammation of GCA itself or the steroids had affected the muscle that controls the eyelid - steroids are known to weaken the muscles. Like PMRpro, I feel it should be checked out. Good to hear that your wife is doing well otherwise.

  • Thanks Celtic for the response. Good information from someone else with somewhat the same issue.

    Thanks Again,

    Jim & CJ

  • I can't open my eyes for five minutes after sleeping. I have been slowly reducing Pred. and am on 3½ mg. and am otherwise regaining my muscle strength, specifically in the quads.area, Along with my Parkinson nurse I had just put the a.m. problem with the eyes down to Mr.P and have been referred for botox treatment. But I was not happy with receiving botox treatment without more discussion of the implications. I am only considering it at all because it occurred to me that on my planned trips to the USA and China , If there were to be an emergency evacuation whist I was asleep I wuold have difficulty acting fast enough.

  • My previous post posted itself!! I meant to say that this information about possible pred.effect on the eyelids puts a whole new slant on my situation.

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