Hole in jaw bone - alendronic acid side effect?

Hi everyone. Am wondering if anyone has encountered this problem: 12 months ago the dentist took an xray when filling one of my teeth and it showed a hole in my jaw where there should be bone! I then asked the rheumatologist about stopping the AA as at that stage I had been on it for 5 years. She agreed as I was on a low dose of Pred at the time. Since then I have had a flare up and increased the Pred dose but she advised that I didn't need to take the AA as well. Yesterday I went to the dentist and the xray showed that the hole seems to have enlarged slightly. I am rather anxious and don't quite now where to turn next. Any advice would be gratefully received!

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  • The dentist is the person to ask - it is a problem that AA can cause but what you do about it I'm not sure, other, obviously, than stopping AA. If your dentist doesn't know- ask to be referred to a dental hospital or a maxilliary facial unit to speak to real experts.

    One of the things that isn't emphasised when you are on AA is that impeccable and thorough mouth hygiene is essential to help avoid this sort of problem. Just saying it here for info for others.

  • Hello MaisieB

    I've had all sorts of teeth problems since being on AA. One crown fell off unexpectedly and the dentist investigated and said the root wasn't capable of

    having another crown fitted. He then sent me to a specialist who extracted the remaining root, which turned out to be unlike any root he'd ever seen, in that it was soft and flexible! Terrifying.

    Another crown started to wobble and is still being investigated - but it could lead to another root extraction! I begin to look like Steptoe!

    PMRpro is right - be very careful with dental hygiene. And keep taking the Vitamin D & C tablets.


  • Thank you both. Am also going to see my GP.

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