Sharing on Facebook?

I have just noticed that there is a share button for FB and Twitter.

I wonder what the protocol was for people mind their stories being shared.

I am sure sharing the odd story would spread the word about PMR and GCA and raise awareness....just feels odd to share someone else's story rather than just your own.

Your thoughts please :)

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  • I would not want my story shared on FB or Twitter. Best to let the person do it themselves if they wish to.

  • I think I would agree with elstep, that some people might not choose to have their story shared via social media. If they do, then I guess they can do so themselves.

  • I agree with you and I think it's up to the author whether or not their post is shared on Facebook.

  • When I first registered I notice that I was asked if I wanted to share with registered users only or the wider public. As I have been known to over share I chose registered users. I was a bit torn remembering my agonising undiagnosed years. When I pressed the share on Facebook button I was dismayed to read a few lines of my latest post. I then realised that if someone wanted to read further they had to register. If you don't think you've done this, you can edit your original settings to limit readers. Hope this helps! Sometimes you just need to vent a load of negativity but it doesn't typically describe the condition. I had a lovely day in Lincoln yesterday, walked for miles and today I'm caring for my beloved grandson. Come the weekend I maybe pole axed on the bed, building up another store of energy to spend. Hey Ho!

  • Totally agree. My story is mine to share. My personal information.

    Personally, I would never share it in social media in the first place.

  • The impression I get is that it is the person posting who can share - just as they can edit their post, I can't, but I haven't investigated that so I could be wrong.

    Other than that, I'm picky what I share on FB and Twitter is an invention of the devil if you ask me. So IMHO it has no place here...

  • I agree, the option to share on FB and Twitter should be removed. I've never noticed it, has it always been there? I only noticed the big box on the news feed page which says you can invite your friends to HU. And which doesn't work on my device, apparently.

  • Anyway - since I have a FB account I tried to see what happens.

    It posts a link on your Timeline with a bit to click on to take you to find out more. All you get is a transfer to HU's Facebook page with links to further HU articles. There is no direct indication of this post that I could see - and don't worry, I deleted it immediately!

  • I tried it too. It does link to this post. And I also deleted it. But why the worry - we are all anonymous...? Although I would never share these sorts of posts anyway.

  • Once it is on FB although you can't see the post if you delete it but that does not stop others seeing it if you are using the everyone option.

  • What I'm saying though is that it doesn't post the post - it posts a HU link.

  • Precisely. I do not wish any info of mine posted anywhere. Please be good to explain to others what an HU link is. How can FB post a link from us without giving info?

  • Health Unlocked = HU

  • HealthUnlocked is a public site that anyone can access, join, read, post and comment on - all they have to do is join the forum just as you did. FB just provides a link to get to HU for people who aren't aware of its resources, effectively advertising its existence. Anything you have posted on the threads here can already be read by anyone - which is why there will be a warning somewhere that you shouldn't post information you aren't happy to have in the public domain, probably in the joining process. Examples would be addresses, email/phone numbers etc. On the site it is at the bottom of the box you write your post in, you can see it as a reminder every time you post.

    If you want to give someone info but keep an item private you should use the private message facility which means only the person to whom it is addressed can see it.

  • I most certainly would not like mine shared on either.

  • I vote no Facebook or any other social media.

  • Um - the forum is social media.

  • :D

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