Good morning everyone...just want to let off steam and have a good old grumble....after struggling to get preds down lower enough for surgeon to do hip op, I was finally booked in for surgery today.....I waited all day yesterday for information regarding admission time. Finally at eight this morning I was informed it had been cancelled, no bed,. I am now back on the waiting list!

I am sure all this added stress is making my body far more painful and stiff than other mornings...

There grumble over....

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  • Waiting, arranging your time and hoping to have surgery for it to be cancelled at this late date must be very stressful for you. Thinking of you. I do hope you can have a nice day and do something else in stead.

  • Hello jean jean

    Sorry about the cancellation. It's bad enough when you are 100% but when we have to contend with other issues, yuk!

    As Marion says do something, relaxing if poss. Good luck we are all thinking about you.

  • Jean, don't blame you for wanting to let off steam, having psyched yourself up ready for the op, not to mention having worked hard to get the steroids down to a dose to suit the surgeon.

    Our 84-year-old neighbour waited almost a year for major heart surgery, with many appointments cancelled at the last minute, even, on one occasion, with my hubby driving him there and seeing him into the ward before he left the hospital, only for the appointment to be cancelled again, sending him back home by hospital transport.

    Difficult and frustrating as it is, do try and put it behind you now and relax and do something enjoyable to de-stress so as not to stir up any inflammation - I expect you have let them know that you can be available at a moment's notice if they have a cancellation? Sending a hug, albeit virtual, and lots of good luck wishes.

  • Thanks xx

  • I do know how you feel - my knee replacement operation back in April was cancelled due to the doctors' strike, I got a phone call the morning before the op date. They did give me a further date very quickly and it was done in early May which wasn't bad at all.

    I am almost finished with running the new knee in but the best bit is being free of the gnawing pain I had before the op. Same with last year's hip op!

  • As long as they cancelled it they have to offer an early date and you are at the top of the waiting list. It is such a pain, the brilliant gubmints have reduced the numbers of beds using theoretical recovery times. All it needs is a patient to not make a perfect recovery and the bed is blocked - since they have also disposed of options for post-op rehab beds. Grrrr!

  • I also assumed I would be top of the list, but today was the last operating list before he goes on holiday, not back until end of Aug. Urggggggg!

  • Ahhh - always a problem in July/August. They have lives too...

  • Will pray for you, we all have those moments I am sure.

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