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GCA, Prednisone and is elective surgery ok?


Hello! Your site is fantastic, the information you share. I've learned so much in just the day I've been on it. I'm 52, diagnosed with GCA in February. My question to you right now....Has anyone had surgery while on the prednisone? This will be laser eye surgery to try and regain sight in an eye I've been blind in due to cataracts for years now. I was diagnosed with the GCA condition in Feb and if god forbid it ever hits my only seeing eye, it could be life altering. So best to up my chances and try and get both eyes working again. But didn't know if anyone had any advice or thumbs up / down on surgery when on Prednisone at range of 15mg? Again, I truly value all I'm reading here! I can relate to so much of it and helps everything fall into place and make sense! Sorry you all are dealing with it too, but what a great good these forums are.

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Hello - I've had two hip replacements and an eye operation while on prednisolone, but had to drop to 12mg first. No problems with any or them. Good luck.

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Great to know . .thanks!

I work as a ward sister in elective orthopaedic surgery, and we have still treated patients on Prednisolone for temporal arteritis as many patients call it. You may just need a top up of steroid by anaesthetist. Good luck xx

Awesome thanks!!!

I've had PMR for 20 months. Currently on 18mgs. Just had a review with an eye surgeon to remove a cataract and asked the question of infection risk due to Preds. No issues, he felt totally comfortable and we are progressing, fingers crossed.

Hi, I've had two op whilst on quite high dose of Pred... no problem, although the pred had to be increased and I had to come of a couple of drugs prior to the op, but hospital will advice. I'm also awaiting a cataract op, not quite "cooked yet". Wish you all the best with the op. And yes this forum is very useful and friendly.

Special thoughts of you Sandy52 - blessings :)

Special thoughts of you Sandy52 - abundant blessings sent your way:)

I also had cataract surgery while at 10-12 mg of pred. They gave additional in the anesthetic and I was fine. Good luck!

casse in reply to 30048

And seeing Dr tomorrow now that bloodwork is stable about cataract surgery still on 33 mg anyone else been that high and had surgery?

Sandy52 in reply to casse

Hi, good luck, I just had it and it didn't go so hot - but not clear if GCA related or not, sure felt like it though!! I was on the 15 mg of pred, diagnosed in Feb. not sure if the diagnosis being so recent was issue. Just posted a new post and hoping maybe lots of people will post they had eye surgery with no issue...cuz I have a phase 2 on this eye an da cataract that needs to come out on the other eye, so really curious before I continue with these. weird thing is esr and crp stayed normal, at least immediately postop, but not sure if pred could have been keeping it in check. Good luck again. Keep me posted how yours goes!

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Thanks Sandy, I hope you are feeling a little better. Such a nasty disease! I am scheduled early Monday morning. Will keep you posted roommate told me to stay on the 34 mg for a while till after the surgery. My CRP is going up A bit nervous but doesn't bother the doctor. The and legs getting swollen I know it's the prednisones and the drug induced diabetes and osteoporosis. But God is good and I am optimistic. Will keep you posted this is an awesome site I have learned so much and such great people will pray for you. 🙏

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Just wanted you to know I had my cataract surgery Monday, resting now but doing fine. Amazing how good I can see now truly amazing I feel so blessed.

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