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PMR and Finitro

Hi all, has anybody tried a product called Finitro, I get regular messages advertising it in facebook. I am seventy three and was diagnosed pmr seven years ago treated by 20mg preds reduced gradually to 5 mg but always had flares. after advice from rheumy stop completely in one month had tests scans etc then referred back to doc who prescribed 250mg Naproxen only to be taken when required and not daily which did not seem to have any affect at all, now pain in left arm,neck, shoulders, left hip and legs. would speak to my doc about Finitro if I had any positive information from other members.

living in hope Haymog

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haymog, you might want to avoid Finitro after reading what it says on the following link:

Naproxen is a non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drug, and from my experience and that of many others, it does nothing for PMR - Prednisolone remains the most tried and tested treatment. As you are finding that Naproxen is not having any effect on your pain, then you may be more successful if you switch back to Pred. So rather than speaking to your Dr about Finitro, speak to him about the possibility of returning to Pred instead.

It is very common to experience flares around the 5mg Pred dose, but tapering very very slowly to each new dose in just half mg decrements over several weeks can and does work for many patients. Just a very few people find that they can't get any lower than 5mg and that is because their adrenal glands fail to get up to speed with producing their natural supply of steroid (cortisol), and they usually remain on the 5mg dose for life.


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