Diagnosed PMR some 9  months. 8 weeks ago suddenly had what I would call a "head cold" couldn't sing properly at Church and gone deaf in right ear, so had them washed, didn't work and given nose spray, still no results although a little better. Went back and was given 10 days antibiotics  x 2- still no real results so given a course of Flixconase Nose Drops. (You try lying on the bed with your head off the end looking at the roof so that the drops go up the right side of you nose and not down you throat!!)  but it is  getting better. Anybody else had problems with colds etc.

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  • My nose has been blocked on one side for over a year, following acute sinusitis and a bad cold. The ENT consultant stuck an endoscope up my nose and diagnosed chronic sinusitis, gave me 6 weeks of antibiotics and the dreaded nose drops! Yesterday I saw the ENT consultant again, to be told that the infection was still just as bad and I'd need a surgical procedure under a general anaesthetic to clear a passage to enable drainage.  I hope yours clears up more quickly - sinuses are so stubborn! I don't think this has anything to do with PMR as sinusitis seems to run in my family!

  • I've had a lifetime of sinus problems. I was diagnosed with PMR three months ago and told that the steroid treatment could have an impact on my body's ability to fight infections. I got a head cold a few weeks ago and it has been lingering and lingering. My ears feel terribly blocked too. I'm doing my usual sinus self-care and slowly making progress. I use a towel tent over my head and inhale steam (15 minutes) with some eucalyptus oil in it. Plus I use a neti pot for saline sinus rinses and that offers some relief. I also take Mucinex (I'm in the US...not sure where you are but Mucinex is GUAIFENESIN, which thins mucus). That's my arsenal of sinus weapons! 

  • So how many tines do you go for the popping noise? Just the once, 6 times a day? Mine just popped... 😄

  • You could try this, 18 years ago a Consultant taught me how to do it.  It takes a bit of practice.

    Take a deep breath, shut  your mouth - hold  your nose and swallow.  You should hear a popping noise.  If you don't hear the popping noise - try again, if you don't hear the popping noise  it is not going to work.

    If it works, continue  about six times a day till you don't hear the popping noise.  It might just work for you - it worked for me.

    I also inhaled 'Friars Balsam' on his recommendation - if you use it  - use the same bowl and then throw it away or store it for future use  - you cannot use the bowl once you have used Friars Balsam in it  I still have the old bowl - stored in the garage and I am not normally a hoarder and I still can still smell the balsam after all those years.

  • Ha! I replied to SusanEleven instead of you, Sambucca! 😊

  • I did just once at a time. 

  • Hi.     I caught a head cold from my beautiful little 2 year old granddaughter 5 weeks ago. I was diagnosed with PMR in July 2015. This was my first winter cold. I have suffered with sinusitis and blocked ears. I used "old fashioned remedies" such as Vic on the chest, drops in the ears and nose. It appears to clear up, but then starts again. I have continued with the very slow reduction of Prednisolone, down to 9 / 8 mg per day at the moment. Also increasing the exercise routine, walking and swimming every day with the necessary rests.

    The sunshine makes everything seem better.

    Good wishes to all the PMR family. I find the forum a valuable supportive resource.

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