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Post-menopausal bleeding

Have any other ladies suffered from this whilst on prednisolone and/or methotrexate? I was sailing along nicely when two months ago I started bleeding, and for the last four weeks it's been constant. Saw gp yesterday who is sending an urgent referral to the gynae department. All my blood levels are normal, no issues with platelets, so I'm just curious to know if it could be a side effect of the medications. Thank you xxx

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This page has a statement that high doses of prednisone could cause post menopausal bleeding or other menstrual irregularities.  

It's under the "endocrine heading"  about halfway down the page.  


Thank you HeronNS - I've had a read, and whilst it doesn't say what constitutes high doses (I've been on 10mg for 7 months  with a few short-term increases) it is, nevertheless, reassuring that this could be the cause. 


One never knows.  We are all so individual.  Years ago I started taking dong quai (a Chinese herbal medicine supposedly good for menopausal women among others) and found that it caused a slight and almost continuous bleed.  At first I didn't know what it was, it took me a while to figure out if I stopped taking dong quai within a day the spotting stopped too.  Possibly this herb was doing me some good, but at the cost of an inconvenience I could well do without. (Of course you can't stop pred the same way, I'm not suggesting that!)


These things are sent to try us😦are they not?😆

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Not one I've heard anyone mention before - but I never say never and as Heron says it is listed as a possible adverse reaction. Let's hope that is all it is.


I was referred to  gyny a couple of years ago due to bleeding, also had my bladder checked which was ok,   Cut a story it turned out to be  sever atrophy of the cervix, vagina and vulva,  [ common in post menopausal  women  ]    a course of hormone pessaries was prescribed which helped.       I have been on long term Pred and also taken Methotrexate but  I don't think they played a part in it. 


Thank you bowler. Six years ago (pre-menopause) I had laparoscopy and hysteroscopy - turned out I had adhesions and fimbrial cysts. I wonder whether they've returned. Well, no doubt all will be revealed soon enough. It's just an extra, unwanted thing to deal with on top of everything else😈 ah well, c'est la vie xxx


Sounds like it could be a return of your cysts which are bleeding.? 

At my hysteroscopy they also found a fibroid, and a thickened endometrium.  and like you  all unwanted things to deal with,[ I have   enough already ] and at my age   71   I can well do without.

I'm sure it will all be OK.

good luck 



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