A help with facial redness

Dear fellow sufferers,

I suffer from facial redness as a result of taking Pred. I have found a product that really helps tone down my face - it would be particularly good for men who can't hide the redness with make up.

Algenist, Reveal Concentrated Colour Correcting Drops  - Green.

A 15ml bottle costs £30 from Space NK ( they do mail order) I'm sure if you google the name you can also get it elsewhere

The product is made with microalgae - so also good for your skin 

Hope this helps someone out there.



4 Replies

  • Thank you. My face looks ridiculous at times and if I couldn't wear makeup, I wouldn't to out. I hate having to wear it so will try some of this too. X

  • Thanks for this info. I will google this for sure. Happy weekend.

  • Interesting that others have the red face.  Mine comes and goes, sometimes quite rashy looking,  worse with any kind of exertion.   Thank you. 

  • Thank you. My face gets absurdly red and flushed. 

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