PMR and Colitis

Hi, does anyone one have experience of PMR and colitis? I've been diagnosed with PMR with pain in my legs and arms. I had a petscan recently that showed inflammation in my colon so I was wondering if this could be causing a secondary inflammation in my leg muscles? My stomach has been feeling bloated and I have lost approx 2 stone in the past two weeks. I'm on 20mg Pred a day which for the most part keeps the pain away but not the stiffness. Thanks

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  • Sounds as if that might possibly be an answer to your PMR and joint pain, particularly in view of that massive weight loss in such a short time - it is a symptom found in ulcerative colitis:

    And this is a thread on another forum which you might find interesting from a young patient who had joint pain first:

    You will very likely get a lot more info if you post there.

  • Thanks PMRpro, I'll take a look on there. 

  • Hi Underlee, 

    A few forms of Vasculitis, ulcerative colitis, Chrohns , Spondyloarthropathy and I suspect some more diseases can cause joint pain and inflamed bowel. As they are all auto immune/ auto inflamatory conditions then they will all respond to pred. I think you need some more investigations such as Colnoscopy and biopsies etc to get to the bottom of this. Is your Rheumy going to investigate things further? 

  • Yes, a colonoscopy was put on hold and I'm waiting to hear back regarding a date for a muscle biopsy but I'll be pushing for both a.s.a.p come tomorrow with my rheumatologist. Thanks

  • hi @underlee,  yes i too have colitis and Parkinson's.  neither one seems to be curable. so i just take it one day at a time. and it seems , so far,  like fairly mild cases.  except for my . left leg, which has sciatica. and is very painful .   life is not for sissies when you get older.  maybe at any time,  but when you are younger, you can take it in your stride a little better. 

  • I was diagnose.with alcerlative colitis 4 years ago. I know I have pmr but have not been diagnose . yet. My question is I am only 44 years old I have been having symptons for years now. Is this a common age to have pmr.

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