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Again just posting for advice really. Was on 10.5 in January but had a really bad flare with head pain as well as in arms and legs ( no eye problems). Agreed with doctor to go back up to 14mg which then was coping with all the inflammation ( have been on 14 mg now for 4 weeks) unfortunately last week caught a bad head cold and slight chest infection which is clearing well but inflammation level has risen and most of the day have got slight pains in arms, legs and temple. Is it best just to rest knowing that this cold is getting much better and inflammation level will go down ? Started on 15mg Nov 2014 and if I have to go up to 15mg again so be it . Have never been above 15 mg. I suppose what I'm saying is does the inflammation level go down after an infection and you can just rest until it does or do you need to increase in case flare gets worse? Feel now I'm near the top of my dose don't have so much flexibility to increase, if that makes sense. Thanks a lot.

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  • I think I'd stay right where you are now and (as you suggest) rest, rest and rest. Colds are meant to be temporary things, but you do need to be aware of any chest problems that might crop up. Believe me, you don't need a chest infection with PMR and steroids!

  • I agree with polkadotcom - but I am a bit concerned about you mentioning head pain. In the meantime I'd rest - but if that head pain gets worse or you have any visual symptoms don't hesitate to call the doctor/go to A&E. And if the symptoms in general get worse rather than better once the cold is clearing - ask the doctor again.

  • Jackoh, yes, having returned to 14mg only recently, I agree to try remaining there until you are completely over the cold. Meanwhile, give yourself plenty of TLC, resting and eating plenty of fruit for the Vit C, garlic if you like it, and fresh lemon juice with Manuka honey. Importantly, keep an eye on the temple pain - it may just be connected to the cold - but any sign of problems with your vision do go straight to A&E. Get well soon.

  • Ditto, ditto,ditto.

    Head problems probably connected to cold, maybe a touch of sinusitis (inhaling steam good for that) but as others said any eye problems - back to medics.

  • Thank you all for your speedy replies and support. Very appreciated.

  • My blood inflammation levels shot up when I had a cold, although from a PMR point of view I actually felt fine.

  • Thank you Piglette. Unfortunately my blood inflammation levels are always within the normal range regardless! But glad you didn't have any adverse effects.

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