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Hi again. I posted over the weekend regarding headache and funny jaw. I emailed my gp and today he rang ( only works part time as semi retired) he has ordered blood test for crp and want s to see me to check jaw etc. I am planning to go in next week. He asked re vision swelling of temp artery which appears fine to date. Would you experts think all that acceptable. Is the crp likely to be conclusive? Thank you for all your support

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pmrdec, if you are someone who had raised markers of inflammation via ESR and CRP blood tests at diagnosis, then repeating the tests may provide an answer if it is raised again this time. The CRP is considered by some medics to be a more reliable marker of inflammation than the ESR test, especially where GCA is concerned. If your GP is at all suspicious of a GCA flare, he should refer you immediately to a rheumatologist and/or increase your steroid dose. Meanwhile, any problems with your vision, do take yourself straight to A&E.

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Thank you Celtic for getting back to me. Yes my crp was 25 before diagnosis of pmr. I will certainly not risk any delays if sudden symptoms just have these internittent niggles so really not sure


It is possible the CRP may not rise again if you are still on pred - it does happen - so if the symptoms get "firmer" I'd want to see someone more than a GP just in case.

But lets all hope whatever it is goes away...


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