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Great I haven't got pmr but

so follow up to my post `is it or isn`t it polymyalgia well just lets say orthopaedic consultant said what I have now is not caused by polymyalgia , but I have a massive rotar cuff tear. unoperable ,unless total joint replacement , this not recommended as 10yrs too young. also have same problem in other shoulder , though not as severe Been told to manage pain with pain killers and to modify my lifestyle to lower the incidents of pain

I am left wondering if the steroids I was on masked the pain from the tear all those months. and this made it worsen over that period who knows

At least I know where I am going now which unfortunately means not back to work as I cant manage to do the job I used to and my company have little else to offer that I could manage .so I will see what come up

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I am now up with eating with stupid steroids and am titired, with all the side effect's, been on them since last May, 2015, 40mgs, now on 12mgs. Have a violent husband who has no clue what is happening to me. I am concerned about my body and my whole person as a human being.

Probably I am in the wrong, not him, anyone else in this situation as a female or male person?


Dear Morrison

Your life sounds very difficult. It is hard to get well when you are suffering on so many fronts.

Please get help for the domestic abuse you are enduring. No one should have to live like this. Please find someone to confide in local to you. An agency that will help. Your GP? A clergy person?

You should not bear this alone.

I shall remember you in my prayers this morning. Rev Judi. X


Dear Morrison like you diagnosed last year - June - I am still in 30 mgs so can fully understand the lack of sleep. However I have a lovely husband who tries his best to support and understand. So no, it is not you- please get some help and support. Ask your GP - don't suffer this additional pain.

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Like the others - I would say that this is not a "you" or a "PMR" problem and it is time you sorted out the abusive spouse problem. I know it isn't easy - my daughter has been there but after a lot of heartache is nearly out the other side. All that is left now is the divorce, but she is independent and almost free of him. He didn't hit her as far as I know but was manipulative and emotionally abusive which is just as bad.

If you are in England or Wales I believe it is now against the law to be abusive in any way and men face prosecution and even jail if convicted. It is not YOUR fault - and you need to get help. Go to the police and present any evidence you have. There is almost certainly a women's refuge in your area who can provide advice, if not I'm sure CAB can help.

In the meantime - please don't regard steroids as "stupid" and don't blame them for the tiredness - even when you are on steroids the fatigue of the illness remains and I can tell you that many of the things that people say pred causes are also caused by unmanaged PMR - I've tried both ways, the no pred was not my choice but it was pretty hellish. Pred is what allows you ANY quality of life - in physical terms at least. You started at 40mg, was there a question it might be GCA since that is the starting dose for GCA? If so - the pred is between you and possible visual loss.

But for the moment - get help with regard to your marital situation and throw out the brainwashing he has done which even suggests to you that it might be your fault. If one of your children came to you and said they had been bullied at school would you assume it was their fault? You wouldn't I'm sure - but that is all your husband is being, a playground bully who hasn't grown up. HE is in the wrong - in every way. Not you.


You are not responsible for his actions , my first marriage was violent escaped 30years ago.

Get help from outside the home it's hard because you feel to blame you are not


Oh dear, Morrison, do see your GP and see if they can refer you for advice on the horrid situation you are in. Whilst there isn't a lot you can do about PMR, apart from taking the steroids to manage the inflammation until PMR goes into remission, there is a lot you can do about the "violent" situation you are in. Do not suffer this in silence - it is not YOUR fault - but do talk to your GP in the first instance.

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Contact the Safe guarding Team at your local council they will be the best people to advise you.

No your not in the wrong but if this has been going on for a while you lose your self esteem and begin to think you must deserve it.

I know what its like after years of verbal abuse I came to my senses decided at the age of 50 I deserved more.

I have never looked back and am so glad I was strong enough to do something about it.

I know I am lucky as I have a very supportive family who at the time never knew what was going on .

I put up with it for the sake of the children for many years .but at the end realized that any feeling I had he had destroyed years ago.

Best Wishes Rose

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Hi Katking,

At least it's not pmr, and that is something to be thankful for.

My wife had a severe rotary cuff tear, and did manage to get it operated on very successfully about 15 months ago. This was after some 9 months of waiting for a proper diagnosis, during which time there was significant muscle wastage.

Is it not worth your while to get a second opinion? You surely shouldn't have to spend the rest of your life with this condition, and all the pain to go with it..also, the younger you are, the better able you should be to recover etc.

My wife is now completely out of pain after a lot of intensive exercises.

Good luck.

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katking, well it's good news if PMR has been proven not to be the problem, but it isn't quite true that if your pain is due to a rotator cuff tear, there is nothing that you can do apart from take painkillers. PMRGCAuk carried an article in one of their newsletters a few years ago advising that if anyone was unlucky enough to experience a rotator cuff tear, they should be referred to a good physiotherapist, in order to learn how to develop a range of motion of your arm without pain, and then to build up strength gradually using resistance exercises. Good luck


Hi, Katking, it's possible that higher dose of steroid could have made pain go away. I don't know if it would also have made the injury worse, however. Are you getting any help with managing the injury, short of the joint replacement which as you say, you can't have for some years? There seems to be quite a lot of info on line about healing this injury, a bit more than just taking painkillers and "modifying lifestyle" including articles saying that physical therapy can be as effective as surgery in some cases. It's tough losing a job over something like this I expect. Are you managing okay right now?


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