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sleep apnoea and driving license

Hi there, I've been diagnosed with sleep apnoea (OSA) since oct 2015 and been on a CPAP machine since nov 2015.

I have notified the DVLA as per the advice of my sleep apnoea clinic and been told by the DVLA that I have to return my driving license and have it changed to a 3 yearly license instead.

Note that I also have type 2 diabetes which is being treated by tablets.

Is it normal for the DVLA to shorten my license like this as I was told at the hospital that by confessing to the DVLA would not effect my driving because by having CPAP treatment I was in effect removing the OSA and it would be classed as not a problem.

I am a bit concerned about this now.

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I'm not sure you are in the right place for this question since this is the PMR/GCA forum.

However - as far as I know, all they are doing is telling you that your unlimited to age 70 (or whatever it is in the UK) licence is being replaced by a limited time licence which means you have to reapply, probably with a medical declaration every 3 years. The same as a diabetic would have to do or someone who drives for a living. You could decide to stop your CPAP treatment - which would change the situation.

Seems perfectly fair to me - but then, I live in a country where you have to reapply every 5 years at any age and whatever health record you have and it costs me a fair bit each time. The doctor loses their licence if they make a false declaration so it does encourage them to declare people who SHOULDN'T be driving because of sight problems.

The DVLA is the authority - hospital staff don't know the finer details in my experience, been there, done that!


Thanks for that .

I only wrote on hear because there were posts about sleep apnoea.

The inquiry was meant for the community in general.

My apologies if this is misdirected.

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