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~Should our meds be taken at same time each day?~


Have returned (last week) from a mercy dash to Queensland, Australia of 3 busy days and extreme heat.

There was a time difference of 3 hours between NZ & Qld, Auz.

I did try hard to stick to what I thought would be similar timing to that of my home routine as best as possible under the circumstances.

I have now succumbed to a nasty head cold and suddenly realized today that the time frame for taking my meds was topsy turvey whilst being away and re-adjusting since returning home.

Should we always try to take our meds (for me it is am and pm) at the same time each day and does this make a difference?

As previously mentioned I have come to a stand still with my tapering due to a flare of swollen painful (some) finger & toe joints.

I am now on the equivalent of 3mg Pred & for those who do not know I take an acid resistant capsule made for me containing hydrocortisone.

My best regards to my trusty supporters out there!

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Technically yes - and that does sometimes cause slight problems with travel across time zones. Practically though, if you are taking pred for inflammation as we are it probably doesn't make a lot of difference. If you are taking it for adrenal replacement therapy then it does matter.

The time we are told to take pred (early morning) is said to affect the normal function of the adrenal glands less: it has been shown that 15mg taken at 8am suppresses their function less than 5mg taken before bed. However, if you are on steroids at above about 7mg/day for any length of time, as we are, adrenal function will be suppressed anyway. The natural time for cortisol to be secreted in the body is early morning, so taking it early morning replicates that to some extent and it also is the time at which you need it to suppress the new lot of inflammation for the day which you want to do as soon as possible.

Three hours isn't that significant I wouldn't think but everyone is different and possibly more sensitive. What may be more important is that going one way you have a long day for the pred to cover and so it may not be quite enough. Going east is a short day and taking your dose at the next early morning time just means it is the same as taking a bit more. Going west I either take a bit extra on the day I travel or I take a small amount later in that long day to tide me over to the next morning and my normal dose. But there I'm talking about 10-12 hour time differences and I am someone who used to take double to dose on alternate days as the antiinflammatory effect lasts far more than 24 hours for me (it can be anything from 12 to 36 hours).

Megams in reply to PMRpro

Fascinating reading PMRpro and thank you once more for your most informative advice and in-depth explanation - so much appreciated.

After reading this realized that my added complication with taking this particular meds (hydrocoritisone) for my PMR is that it takes 7 hours to travel through my system being in an acid resistant capsule (completely avoids my troubled gut), therefore breaks down in the bowel before it works.

I must say that "yes" I am definitely more sensitive to change & unfortunately always have - I try to prepare in advance to prevent fall out as the PMR is a fine balancing act as we well know.

On this occasion I think due to the nature of the circumstances in which I travelled plus added difference to Queensland's time, maybe its added up negatively for me for this moment in time.

I have taken my meds earlier this morning as up 7am - not sure if I've done the right thing but thought it needs to be into my system to help me.........

My kindest as always:)

DorsetLadyPMRGCAuk volunteer

Hi megams,

Would have thought the problem is more likely to have been caused by the circumstances of your 'mercy dash' , busy days, and heat than the change in timings. As NZ and Australia are only a few hours difference it shouldn't have made that much difference, unless you are very sensitive to change.

I always try to get into the "new" timings as soon as I get on plane whenever I travel whether that be a couple of hours (within Europe) or long distance (NZ).

Hopefully once you settle back down into your usual routine, and get rid of your cold things will improve.

Megams in reply to DorsetLady

Hi Dorset Lady - great to hear from you and yes my journey was no doubt stressful in its own way but thought I was handling it well.

Queensland has a 3 hour time difference from us and of course we are in the midst of our day-light-saving time of 1 hour forward, although my system would have been geared for this as this came into affect September 2015 (from memory).

I do have a very sensitive system unfortunately as I've mentioned to PMRpro and did take very early the day we left NZ so as not to completely forget due to all the other extra goings on to think about.

Juicing fresh NZ oranges & organic carrots each day plus have my trusty chicken broth cooking in crockpot - that will sort me out in no time and will need to be patient with myself having a cold being as it is still a lovely hot summer here in NZ.

My kindest once more to you :)

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