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Alternative Therapy Update Dec, 2016

I've been waiting to update my progress until I got my DXA scan results which finally I did this morning. Happily there has been a noticeable improvement and they are no longer recommending OP drugs, nor will I need another scan for three to five years! So nutrition and exercise do work, even when on low dose long term steroid treatment!

As for the low intensity light therapy (I refer you to my previous posts on this subject available by checking my profile) although it's taken me three months to reduce .5 mg to 2.5 I believe that yet again the LLLT has helped. I tried reducing (always using DSNS method) and found near the end of the taper that I was getting shoulder pain, first time since starting pred last year. So went back to my comfortable dose again, called the physiotherapist and arranged to increase my visits again. I had been going once a fortnight for a few months, so we increased to once a week. I tried the taper again, and this time, in spite of a few days where I wondered if it would "take" I appear to have been successful. It's good to be at 2.5. :)

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Why have the tags about mouth and dental conditions and interstitial and stomach conditions appeared? Weird.


~I think HeronNS you can possibly answer this question yourself.

My brief but simplistic take would be with the final analysis of the PMR + meds over & above the added extra ageing process it places on our body, (albeit somewhat prematurely), possibly adds some light to your question.



I wasn't taking OP meds. I didn't mention anything to do with teeth. I don't even know what interstitial and stomach issues means. I tried to remove those tags and they wouldn't go away. More appropriate would have been bones, maybe. Or physiotherapy.


Why not write to Healthunlocked and ask? I assume they are automatic - and their computer seems to be playing eejits at times...


~Heron - what is OP med? Sorry I am not familiar with the term and re the word interstitial -read somewhere on the PMR forum I think? that this word can be synonymous with auto - immune issues. Not sure about tags in the mouth though - that is a new one on me.....





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