damn fatigue and stiffness

Hi I know ive been on about fatigue ,im the one with diabetes type 1 ,addisons ,gca pmr and hughes syndrome.Im now on iron tablets as last bloods were low iron.rhuemy said try them may pick you up as tried everything else ,and that fatigue is part and parcel of illnesses and medications.As far as iron goes im not losing blood out of mouth or rear ,so he wants me to have a colonoscopy and one down the throat as concerned might be bleed inside.I go on mon 11th for day clinic.Just having a moan and someone invents a magic pill to make all this crap bugger off.Im positive really just like a rant now and again.

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  • Couldn't we all do with some of those magic pills ! Please feel free to rant on, does you good!

  • I always thought pred was THE magic pill ha ha, Iv'e had to go up to 30 mgs today, [ Dr's orders ] after reaching 10mgs, on a slow taper, I hope they soon magic the pain away.

  • Trouble is, there's a bit of black magic ( and I don't mean the chocolate kind!) to Pred.

    Good job we can all retain a sense of the ridiculous!

  • Yes - I'll put in an order for magic pills too!

    And rant away - it's better than kicking the cat!

  • I'd like some, pretty please? The best part of a rant is when it's over and you feel pleasantly exhausted but able to pick up your bags and carry on. I should do it more often.

  • Rant on because we hear ya! I think it may give you an endorphin lift. Lol. Always fun to have company in the "Been there done that" category.

    Kidding aside. Do take care. Blow off a bunch of steam, sit back and smile.😇

  • Do you think that is what it is? PMR definitely improved my grasp and use of AngloSaxon. ;-) I know when I'm having a flare because my language deteriorates markedly! And when I've had a really good swear I do feel better...

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