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I have had sciatica pain in the past but no more, probably because I started doing exercises specifically designed to attack the problem. There are many such exercises on the internet, but I chose the easiest, since I'm almost 85 years old and a longtime sufferer from painful arthritis.

People are always cautioning against ANY exercise while suffering from PMR, but I have found the opposite to be true. I've been lowering my dose for over a year and am now at 2 mg. No sciatica for ages.

Much luck to you, and Happy New Year--


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  • Barbara, I don't think anyone on this site is "cautioning against ANY exercise". On the contrary, we often advise keeping up with gentle exercise such as walking - an excellent weight-bearing exercise which can help to protect our bones from thinning due to the steroids. However, we do at the same time suggest that people shouldn't overdo exercise, especially in the early days of treatment whilst their body adjusts to the medication and allows it to get good control of the inflammation.

    It's good to hear how well you are doing and I do hope you continue successfully to remission. I'm sure there are people suffering with sciatica right now who would be only too pleased to have a description of the exercise you do that is working so well for your sciatica.

  • Thanks so much for the reply. I am someone among many who cannot use walking for gentle exercise, because of spinal problems. Although gentle walking is (rightly) recommended most often, I need to remind the world out there that it's an impossibility for many of us--even the shortest of walks can produce unbearable pain.

    I don't feel qualified to suggest sciatica exercises for anyone. The best thing to do is just to look carefully at the pictures and descriptions on the internet and pick the exercises that look to be easy enough and give them a slow and very careful try. That's the way to start, I think. One can always progress further as needed, but you're right: don't overdo any exercise.

    A very Happy New Year and my appreciation to all--

  • As Celtic says - I don't think anyone says NO exercise. We say NOT TOO MUCH exercise. There is a massive difference. Keeping moving by walking and other gentle weight bearing activities is very good for you and I kept mobile for 5 years of untreated PMR (with pred that is) by aqua aerobics, Pilates and yoga, all moderated a bit to accommodate the PMR. If you overdo it then your muscles become very sore and take much longer to recover when you have PMR. You must know your own limits and stick to them - having started small and built up very gradually.

    In fact - a clinical study is about to start in the UK where patients are to be given pedometers and encouraged to increase their level of activity by counting numbers of steps.

    But yes - there are a lot of people with sciatic problems so do share your exercise with us Barbara! It does depend on the cause of the sciatica though - and there are quite a few.

  • You could be me! PMRpro. Just 65 & diagnosed with PMR 3 years ago after, seemingly, overdoing it in the gym preparing for skiing. Always been relatively sporty but suddenly found I had to really pace myself. So yes, Aqua, Pilates & golf ( initially only by buggy) sort of worked for me. But I could no longer play golf 2 days in a row, for instance. My muscles seem to be very prone to tightness & I do get sciatica but that is probably from some impingement in the spine. Pilates is my saviour and when I don't feel up to anything else I usually feel much better after the class. Also have a large garden ( we have been trying to downsize) & I do wonder if this has contributed to having PMR for longer than they told me I.e. 2 years as I just feel I have to keep at it! This last year, after falling & inflaming an arthritic hand I had to stop Aqua & my fitness levels have fallen dramatically. My arthritic knee became very swollen for a month & I lost confidence in walking on slippy surfaces. So, have bought a cross trainer to try & build up my fitness levels very very slowly. Hope it will help my golf too. But worried it may inflame PMR so will have to watch it ......

  • Yes, yes and yes - can't do things 2 days in a row and I'm noticing this year I'm very unhappy walking on a slippery surface.

    I knew that whatever else I wanted when I retired, it was NOT a large garden! I had managed to get my small garden in Durham to the "very easy to manage" stage just as PMR struck. Even so, it led to a few few flares of low back agony. Eventually I discovered Bowen therapy and that, together with Pilates kept me mobile but rarely pain-free. Golf - couldn't even think of that even now so I'm glad despite many years living in Scotland I never caught the bug.

    I'm missing the skiing after a torn knee ligament one March, skied the following year but then had achilles problems in the March again. The following winter I was on crutches! The weather/snow wasn't enticing either the last 2 years and this year there hasn't been any real stuff until now. Artificial isn't good for dodgy knees - and I need new boots and a season ticket to realistically build up how much I could do. Really couldn't justify the expense - so I'm sitting watching the hordes (also off putting). Missing it... :-( It really was perfect PMR loosening up exercise!

  • Hi Barbara, just 5 years behind you, so would like to make it easier for myself, like the other sufferers it would be great to know of the exercise to give it a try. Can you help please to know of the exercise. Happy New Year and thank you, John.

  • See my previous remarks--


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