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Feel bright,energized ,!!!!!!!!ish

For the last 3 days felt like this enjoying it so 10mg pred+50 micro gram Thyroxin seems to be my magic mix this week. Even the Osteoporosis sledge hammer 14 days ago with all the info I have obtained I can lick this!!!!!!

Need to maintain this for next 3 days family round tomorrow for buffet son_-inlaw on shift so need to keep daughter upbeat no problem then 26th grandsons birthday take him to pictures on Sunday birthday treat , Hope this storm blows over want to jump in May and head to coast


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Have a wonderful time with your family.

Babs xx


Tailormade medication! What's not to like! Have a great time - one of my daughters has a 24 hour shift over Christmas Day so know how your daughter feels! Usually both of them are working - at least there is one to speak to tomorrow.


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