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Zoledronic Acid

I had my first Zoledronic Acid infusion yesterday. In my briefing with the rheumy nurse, I'd had all sorts of warnings about possible side-effects - joint pains and flu-like symptoms, but so far I've felt perfectly normal. The procedure was easy - nice comfy chair, a pleasantly chatty staff nurse with only one other patient in the room, a cup of tea to follow. I hope if anyone else here is prescribed this procedure, it will turn out as well for her/him.

A Merry Christmas and a Healthy New Year to all my on-line friends.

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That's good to hear! Someone to refer queries to is always handy!

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Hello Anno, a relief to know you've come through the first one unscathed! At least now you'll feel confident about future ones. All the best to you, too, for a happy and peaceful Christmas and a healthy New Year.


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